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Cartoon short movie aiming at raising young people awareness regarding farming choices

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  • Video Clip
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    Awareness raising, Biodiversity, Education, Organic farming, Young people


    The fourth episode of a cartoon short movie series developed by Association for Rural Development ”Comarca de Guadix” to raise local awareness on organic farming throughout the territory. It features a group of youngsters, locals and visitors alike who face the issue of intensive farming using chemicals as opposite to traditional, eco-friendly local farming style. It offers one answer to the question “What happened to spontaneous flora and fauna of the territory?” offering organic farming as a solution when farmers’ objectives and environment safety are not competing issues.

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  • [ES] Andalucía
  • Main purpose

    The short movie is meant to raise the awareness of locals, especially young people regarding eco-friendly farming throughout the rural territory.

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  • Youth
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  • NRNs
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  • Students
  • Youth
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  • Urban Population
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  • Date produced

    November 2011

    Cost range

    up to €4 999


    Association for Rural Development ”Comarca de Guadix”

    Distribution & Promotion

    Responsibility of the Association for Rural Development ”Comarca de Guadix” via its website

    Name of organisation

    Association for Rural Development ”Comarca de Guadix”

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    Local Action Group

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    ADR Comarca de Guadix (Recinto Azucarera)


    ADR Comarca de Guadix (Recinto Azucarera)
    Ctra. de Murcia s/n
    18500 - Guadix (GRANADA)


    958 66 50 70/ 958 66 10 48