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A brochure on “Design, management and relevant practices of networking” produced by the Belgium Walloon Network Support Unit

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    Communications, Leader, National Rural Network, Networking


    The brochure presents the Walloon Network for Rural Development main objectives and priorities on each axis, a self-assessment of the Network’s activities, and the progress of LEADER axis in Wallonia. New communication tools and events conducted by the Network are briefly introduced, inviting the reader to visit the website for detailed information.
    Thirty associations and local administrations are members of the Walloon Network or Rural Development, who are actively involved in defining the priorities and initiatives, plan their implementation over time, and conduct the thematic groups.

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  • [BE] Wallonia
  • Main purpose

    With this publication in English language, the Network Support Unit (NSU) – as editor of this publication, aims to facilitate the information for non-French speakers and promote widely the recent activities and the results of Belgium Walloon Rural Network; in order to foster transnational cooperation and exchange of relevant experiences.

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    Please visit the Wallon National Network website:

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    October 2012

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    up to €4 999


    Wallon Network Support Unit

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    The brochure targets international events. It was distributed during the 16th Networking meeting in Cyprus and was uploaded on the website.

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    Network Support Unit management

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    National Rural Network

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    The mission of Network Support Unit (NSU) is entrusted by the Region Wallonne, to Trame SCRL, consultancy in territorial development, and Cible Communication.


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    Xavier Delmon, Team leader


    Network Support Unit Team
    Rue de Liège 83
    4357 Limont. Belgium


    +32 (0)19/54.60.51