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A thematic brochure presenting human resources issues in Romanian rural areas and ways of approaching them through the support of EAFRD

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    Human capital, Participatory approach, Partnership, Public goods, Publications and printed products


    Romanian National Rural Network issued a thematic brochure presenting recent aspects related to human resources in rural areas, relevant examples of dealing with similar issues in European projects financed through EAFRD and results of its HR Thematic Group workings during a planning workshop.
    Clear and well designed diagrams in the brochure details principles of empowerment as a prerequisite for attaining rural community common good. A participatory Project Cycle Management is presented, featuring social integration and social learning through the help of local partnership. Next steps in supporting social integration and occupation in rural areas are outlined, and contact details for further information are provided.

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    Main purpose

    The brochure presents information and guidance necessary to the projects initiators aiming to involve and make the best out of the rural human resources, while heading towards the development of rural communities.

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    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
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    Unconventional format 20cmx20 cm (8.67x8.67 in), full colour.

    Date produced

    April 2012


    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

    Distribution & Promotion

    Responsibility of the Rural Narional Development Network through its Network Support Unit.

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    Romanian Rural Narional Development Network

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    Managing Authority


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    Maria-Magdalena COSTACHE


    Romanian Rural Narional Development Network Str. Clucerului nr. 35 - Etaj 1 011363 Bucureşti - Sector 1


    Tel.: +40 21 3171580