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Website on rural development in Austria

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Website and Social Media:

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    Communications, Enterprise, Leader, National Rural Network, Website


    The National Rural Network website is one of the key communication tools of the NRN. The site contains information on the NRN itself and its work programme, updated news on rural development issues and developments, a bi-lingual database of rural development project examples, downloadable brochures and access to the flagship NRN publication – its bi-annual magazine ‘Ausblicke’. The website also provides information and interaction opportunities for LEADER Local Action Groups (LAGs) in Austria. In fact, individual LAGs have their own account and a dedicated space for sharing basic information, as well as news and information on LEADER events.

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  • Main purpose

    The main purpose is to serve as one of the main communication channels for the National Rural Network, so as to share relevant and up-to-date information with stakeholders, on key issues and themes. The website is also an effective tool for promoting the work of the NRN itself and its partners - as well as for highlighting the benefits of the RDP for rural communities in Austria.

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    Project Database

    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled
  • Other EAFRD Beneficiaries

  • Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • NRNs
  • Managing Authorities
  • LAGs

  • General Audience:

  • Students
  • General Public
  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Technical information

    Website – with some of the main sections translated into English.

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    up to €4 999


    Austrian National Rural Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    Website that is easily accessible over the internet. The site is also promoted through the NRN's publications and events/seminars, as well as through the ENRD. In addition, partners (including LAGs) have placed a link to the site on their websites.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The website is well laid-out and user-friendly, as well as regularly updated. Information on themes, events or indeed publications are easy to find and access. In particular, having ‘key sections’ translated into English, allows other NRNs to use the site – thereby increasing its effectiveness as a ‘networking’ tool.

    Name of organisation

    Netzwerk Land

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    National Rural Network


    Name of contact person

    Michael Fischer


    Dresdnerstraße 70, 1200 Wien, Austria