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A Promotional DVD From Spain About Approaches For Sustainable Tourism

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  • DVD
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    Awareness raising, Communications, Rural tourism, Sustainable development


    This video clip encourages viewers to consider a holistic view of tourism development that can be sustainable and beneficial for rural dwellers in the long-term. Critical of initiatives that rely on less sustainable exploitation of sun and sand tourism often associated with holidays in Spain, the video takes an idealogical look at innovation while still respecting and preserving the diversity and uniqueness of territories and cultures.

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    The main aim of the video is to present ideas to the general public and rural developers for exploiting tourism resources in Spain in a sustainable way, with due consideration of historical, cultural, physical and human traditions and diversity. In this sense the message challenges the more exploitative models of sun and sea tourism that show much less regard for long-term viability of communities.

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  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled
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    WMV / Windows Media file, 3'0, English (from Spanish original)

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    Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine, Spain.

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    Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine, Spain.

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    Department for Equality and Modernization, Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine

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    Marta Angoloti Benavides


    C/ Alfonso XII, 62 - 28071 - Madrid


    00 34 91 34 71 995