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Advertising Features About RDP Agri-Environment Supports

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    Agri-environment, Awareness raising, Biodiversity, Communications, Public awareness


    One way of presenting information and ideas to the wider public about rural development is through an advertising feature (or "advertorial") in selected media publications. The Estonian National Rural Network prepared a series of illustrated articles about applicants who have benefited from agri-environmental payments through the rural development programme. A total of 10 stories with supporting information were produced and published in the biggest daily and weekly publications in 2010.

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  • [EE] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The aim in publishing the series of articles in the biggest selling print media was to tell real rural stories about farmers who are benefitting from payments and supports for agri-environment actions as illustrations of how local communities and the public in general gain from such supports. This was particularly important to highlight policy options during the international year of biodiversity - 2010.

    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled

  • Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • Managing Authorities
  • Other Government
  • LAGs
  • EU Institutions
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

  • General Audience:

  • Students
  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Other General Audience
  • Technical information

    "Advertorial articles" with pictures prepared for publication in the target media, A3 format

    Date produced

    Autumn 2010

    Cost range

    €5 000 to €9 999


    Estonian National Rural Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    The products ("advertorial articles") were distributed through publication in the largest Estonian daily newspaper (Maaleht) and a weekly publication also with a large circulation.

    Name of organisation

    Estonian National Rural Network

    Type of

    National Rural Network


    Name of contact person

    Reve Lambur


    Jäneda, Tapa vald 73602 Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia


    00 372 529 8009