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Day of the Hungarian Countryside

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    Awareness raising, Common agricultural policy, Rural heritage, Rural population


    Various traditional, entertaining and professional programmes, games, concerts and the genuine tastes of the countryside awaited everyone at the Day of the Hungarian Countryside in Budapest. Success stories of projects supported by the EAFRD were also presented for the residents of the Hungarian capital. Visitors of Millenáris Park were greeted by the smell of traditional Hungarian delicacies. Representatives of traditional crafts, such as blacksmiths, also demonstrated their skills with people able to try themselves. In one of the buildings of Millenáris, the farmers’ market organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the HNRN (“Vidék Mustra”) offered fresh produce and various handmade products straight from the farms. Meanwhile, programmes such as puppet shows, folk dancing and concerts by bands playing folk music (or music inspired by it) entertained people at the main stage and there were several games for the children. A rural development conference was also held as a side event.

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  • [HU] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The day was organised to raise awareness of rural culture and heritage, and to encourage the urban population to understand and value the traditional skills, foods, music and art of rural areas. Best practice examples of EAFRD funded projects also illustrated the activities taking place in rural areas to support them to adapt to future needs.

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    The day was publicised through the magazine and website of the NRN, including a video with English subtitles (

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    General Audience:

  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Urban Population
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    26 October 2013

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    > €100 000


    Hungarian National Rural Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    The event was promoted through the website of the HNRN, the Hungarian Rural Development Programme and by several media platforms and websites. The press release after the event was also published via these channels and a short film as well as a longer article was produced by the HNRN.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    Thousands visited the site of the event and it generated considerable media interest, e.g. national and several other TV channels reported on it, sometimes even with live coverage, therefore the event proved to be successful.

    Name of organisation

    Hungarian National Rural Network

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    National Rural Network



    Name of contact person

    Agnes Kiss


    0036 1 362 8112