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Survey on Rural Families

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    Agriculture, Rural society, Young farmers


    The survey sought to investigate and better understand the problems faced by families in rural areas and the active role that these, particularly those engaged in agriculture, have in the dynamics of development and improvement of the quality of life of rural communities. Through the use of two bespoke questionnaires dedicated to sons within families aged 18-39 years and children under 18, the survey endeavoured to understand the needs of young people within families engaged in agriculture, such as their need to continue their father’s work, services most needed in rural areas and the challenges of starting a family in rural areas. The survey was conducted through 4500 interviews in the context of families engaged in agricultural activities. The publication includes the results of the survey and also a series of essays on rural families from different perspectives, and three case stories of families engaged in agricultural activities.

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    The main purpose of the survey was to examine the situation of families in rural areas in order to better understand the problems faced by them. The survey was conducted and publications produced to ensure the results could be used to guide rural development policies in the right direction, in relation to the challenges and needs highlighted by the survey especially for young farmers.

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    Films on rural families filmed by young directors

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    ISBN code: 978 88 96095 140

    Date produced

    30 September 2013

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    > €100 000


    Italian National Rural Network

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    The documentaries were promoted at the Fiuggi Film Festival, a film festival for families, and all documents were publicized and distributed via the NRN's website and social networks. The promotion will continue in 2014 with the International Year of Family Farming.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    No assessment is available yet, however the results can be found in a presentation in English on this website, and the films can be found at

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    Italian NRN

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    National Rural Network

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    ABI, Moige, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, CIA, Copagri, Fiuggi Family Festival. The stakeholders involved have included: farmers and young farmers organisations, parents' associations, rural families, experts on family policies, rural development, economic policies, experts on media, new media, school, film industry, bank, institutional representatives (Presidency of the Council of Ministers, National Observatory on Family).



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    Riccardo Passero


    0039 06 46 65 50 43