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E.S.E.M.P.I.: Development Experiences for Excellent and Innovative Best Practice Methods

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  • Competition and Prizes
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    Competition, Training


    The project was developed from the desire to reward successful activities in rural areas, particularly those that have responded to sustainability characteristics, efficiency, and provide transferable solutions – those which best reflect EU2020: A sustainable, smart and inclusive Europe. An event was also organised in order to award and raise awareness of best practice.

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  • [IT] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The purpose of the event was to award and raise awareness of best practices. This was achieved by:
    1. Development of a self-nomination template for beneficiaries;
    2. Animation and information;
    3. Collection and classification of stories in a database;
    4. Analysis and assessment of the projects by a technical panel made up of 8 experts in the field of rural development;
    5. Project selection, classified in 3 classes: smart growth, sustainable growth and inclusive growth;
    6. Submission of the five finalists for each class to the whole RDN partnership;
    7. Selection of 7 winners made by over 100 RDN stakeholders;
    8. Provide a specific award for young people with a degree to benefit through 1 year spent on a farm or within a company;
    9. Selection of 7 young people, skilled in rural development;
    10. Apprenticeships in the companies and on the farms.

    tools used

    Italian National Rural Network, Good Practice Task Force.

    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers

  • General Audience:

  • Youth
  • Other General Audience
  • Technical information

    More information about the project can be found at the following website:

    Date produced

    2012 through 2013

    Cost range

    €50 000 to €100 000


    INEA (National Institute of Agricultural Economics)

    Distribution & Promotion

    The information was distributed through the Italian National Rural Network and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    No formal assessment has been undertaken. However after the end of their fellowship’s contract, 4 young graduates remained working in the farms/companies and got involved in other projects. This has been the main impact - young people being integrated into rural development work with real opportunities to remain engaged in rural areas.

    Name of organisation

    National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA)

    Type of

    Public Research Institute

    Partner organisation(s)

    Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


    Name of contact person

    Milena Verrascina


    INEA - Istituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria
    Via Nomentana, 41
    00161 Rome


    +47 856 416