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LandInForm Magazine

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    Agricultural product quality, Communications, Farm diversification, Indigenous species, Promotion


    A special edition of the German NRN magazine LandInForm was produced. The free journal presented more than 15 reports about farms and food processors working with rarely used crops like flax, old cultivars of fruits, medical plants, spelt and other old grain cultivars, dyer's-weed, buckwheat, Jerusalem artichoke, soybean and lentil. Preservation of rarely used crops can only be successful in conjunction with identifying a market use for the crops. Thus food processors and marketing strategies are also presented. This is accompanied by some articles about regulations and supporting schemes.

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    The main purpose was to inform farmers and food processors of the opportunities to diversify into rarely used crops and the potential markets available for them. It was hoped this would encourage uptake, increase markets available to individual farmers and land managers and so support the sustainability of their farms. The magazine also aimed to inform the general public and raise awareness of these traditional and rare crops to support the development of market demand.

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    The journal is in German, has 64 pages and is free of charge. Free download is also available at

    Date produced

    December 2013

    Cost range

    €10 000 to €24 999


    DVS (National Contact Point)

    Distribution & Promotion

    10 000 copies were printed and circulated. It was distributed to all subscribers of the periodical, relevant actors of the national network and during German NRN events.

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    German NRN - Deutsche Vernetzungsstelle Ländliche Räume

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    National Rural Network