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LAG and FLAG National Open Day

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  • Other Events
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    Awareness raising, Citizen participation, Communications, Events, General public, Local Action Group, Promotion


    A National Open Day for Local Action Groups and Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) was held at 50 different locations across Denmark. The event saw members of the general public invited to see the results of some of the projects supported. Some LAGs and FLAGs chose to gather several projects in one location, with LAG-Svendborg choosing a local adventure park as the venue to promote its projects.

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  • [DK] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The overall aim of the event was to communicate best practice project examples and disseminate information about the work of LAGs and FLAGs. And each LAG and FLAG promoted their project results to brother public in different ways but on the same day.

    tools used

    A short video of the event showcasing the projects supported by LAG-Svendborg is available to view here:
    A video from LAG Guldborgsund also includes experiences from the National Open Day;

    Target audience

    General Audience:

  • General Public
  • Date produced

    30th September 2013

    Cost range

    €50 000 to €100 000


    Danish NRN

    Distribution & Promotion

    Existing websites and articles and advertising in local newspapers. The participating groups were responsible for all local arrangements including advertising in local newspapers and websites.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    Generally the LAGs/FLAGs are satisfied with the outcome (indicator; number of visitors). However the evaluation shows that activities should not be spread too much. The most efficient way to attract visitors is to gather activities and projects and make additional activities and special offers e.g. tasting of local food products, reduction in entrance fees. Just under half of the events received over 100 visitors with two thirds of these receiving over 200.

    Name of organisation

    Danish National Rural Network

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    National Rural Network

    Partner organisation(s)

    LAGs and FLAGs across Denmark



    Name of contact person

    Rene Kusier


    Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs
    Gammel Mønt 4
    1117 Copenhagen K


    +45 41 71 78 42