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ENRD Social Media Pilot Training Module for Stakeholders

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    Social media is the set of online technologies and practices which people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and expectations on common topics. In the field of policy networking, the use of social media can facilitate exchange among stakeholders and support the animation and extension of policy networks. This training module draws attention upon the planning of effective content creation for social media at all stages of the strategy design.

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    The purpose of the training on social media is to raise awareness among stakeholders of the added value of social media for the rural development community. It provides useful resources for those who are just getting it started but also effective tips for the more advanced ones. The intent is to capitalise on intensive activity the ENRD developed through engaging on various social media platforms. Moreover, it proposes different methods through which the knowledge can be passed on and strengthened through networking. The proposal put on paper will be tested on various occasions during the ENRD future workshops.

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    The Contact Point for the European Network for Rural Development

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    The Contact Point for the European Network for Rural Development

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    Ana Nechita


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