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Newsletter in Bulgaria

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    The trimestral newsletter is used by the Bulgarian Rural Network and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to inform its stakeholders about the most important rural development news and to promote projects. The most recent issue covered various topics, such as financing measures for Local Action Groups (LAGs) until the end of the current programming period including details regarding deadlines and financing rules, information about relevant regional meetings attended by the Ministry’s representatives, basic data about international cooperation project initiatives under LEADER axis, and information about the scope and activities of the ENRD. It also included a table of all LAGs in Bulgaria and relevant information about the main responsibilities of the Bulgarian Rural Network.

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    The newsletter's main objective is to regularly provide rural development stakeholders with up-to-date information about the Ministry’s and the NRN’s rural development activities.

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  • Farmers
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    A full color, 16 pages brochure; Classic layout and illustrated; Language: Bulgarian; Available for download on the website of the Bulgarian NRN.

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    up to €4 999


    Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria

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    Bulgarian National Rural Network

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    The newsletter is available for download via the Bulgarian NRN website.

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    Bulgarian National Rural Network

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    National Rural Network

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    Ministry of Agriculture and Food


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    Lydia Koleva, Petya Dimitrova


    36 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.,
    Interpred WTC, office B/106,
    1040 Sofia, Bulgaria