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‘MaltaGoesRural’ – Brochure promoting rural tourism in Malta

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    Communications, Cultural heritage, Eco-tourism, General public, Information, Marketing, Natural environment, Publications and printed products, Rural heritage, Tourism, Visibility


    The ‘MaltaGoesRural’ brochure is part of a larger project co-financed through EAFRD, developed by the Maltese Tourism Authority that promotes Maltese rural landscape and heritage. The brochure is a classic communication tool that highlights beautiful walking trails in rural and semi-rural areas, and in natural areas in the island, that are seen as relevant and competitive rural tourism offers. Depicted routes and trails set up focus on the natural areas, scenic spots, villages, heritage sites and valuable elements of Malta’s rural areas. It is an interesting idea to bring together to the readers the two aspects of Maltese territory: tourism capacities and rural specific.

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  • [MT] National Level
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    Under the motto ‘Discover Rural Malta’, the brochure is aimed to inform and attract tourists and locals in order to promote and strengthen the rural tourism products in Malta, by presenting nine out of the most beautiful walking and bicycling trails in the country.

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    Website, an up-to-date Facebook account of the project, videos

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  • Other rural businesses
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  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

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    Full color, 16 pages brochure; layout includes pictures of Maltese rural landscapes and tourism facilities credited to the Maltese Tourism Authority; Language: English; published on the ISUU document sharing and publication platform.

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    €10 000 to €24 999


    Malta Tourism Authority

    Distribution & Promotion

    Malta Tourism Authority

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The MGR brochure was the first of its kind to focus on rural related activities with particular attention to trekking. It was printed in 30,000 copies in English language, being distributed overseas, in specialized rural related fairs as specialized material so that we can market Malta overseas., with plans to use the stock for the next years. 5,000 copies of an German version were needed and printed. Both are available as soft copies and online although no data is yet available on downloads.

    Name of organisation

    Malta Tourism Authority

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    Governmental agency


    Name of contact person

    Olivier Farrugia


    Auberge d'Italie Merchants Street, VLT1170 Valletta, Malta


    + 35622915038