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Celebrating LEADER Approach and Results – LEADER Day 2013 Luxembourg

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    Awareness raising, Communications, Events, Leader, Local Action Group, Local authority, Managing authority, Networking, Visibility


    The Ministry of Agriculture, Wine Growing and Development in Luxembourg, in collaboration with five Local Action Groups (LAGs) of five regions, organised a successful LEADER Day 2013 in the Müller Valley region. The event that hosted around 100 participants from all regions celebrated the tenth anniversary of the LAG Müller Valley. Its motto was "Our regions - special culture and pure nature". The one day event included a reception where official key speakers presented the LAGs' past and present activities. The Ministry of Agriculture addressed its thanks to all regional stakeholders for their commitment to the LEADER approach and their many successful projects. It was followed by a hike and ended with a small aperitif and a barbecue.

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    The event was intended to celebrate the LEADER approach in Luxembourg and the 10th anniversary of the host Local Action Group, LAG Müller Valley. A large number of LAG stakeholders took part in the event, making it an opportunity to analyse past experiences and create some new networks for the next programming period.

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    Website, event materials (invitation, banners, etc.), press releases

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    One day event attended by key stakeholders, including local administration representatives and Ministry representatives. Around 100 participants from all 5 LAGs and regions.

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    €5 000 to €9 999


    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, Luxembourg

    Distribution & Promotion

    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, Luxembourg

    Assessment of effectiveness

    More than 100 participants, good media coverage.

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development

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    Managing Authority

    Partner organisation(s)

    LAG Müller Valley


    Name of contact person

    Francoise Bonert


    1, rue de la Congrégation
    L-1352 Luxembourg


    +352 2478 2478