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Brochure Promoting Rural Tourism in Lithuania

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    Agri-tourism, Awareness raising, Eco-tourism, Information, National Rural Network, Publications and printed products, Rural tourism, Tourism


    The brochure issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania introduces 11 farm owners and their farm activities from 4 different regions. It highlights the quality of their rural tourism services by making use of the 2007-2013 RDP measures and European funds available prior to 2007. The different traditional, architectural and ethnographic elements that highlight the richness of the Lithuanian rural tourism are exemplified in the brochure. An exhaustive description of the diversity of rural tourism services is also given. The brochure includes interviews and statistical data.

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  • [LT] National Level
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    The brochure was intended to promote rural tourism and to raise national and international public awareness of rural tourism facilities offered in Lithuania to increase tourism and bring people closer to Lithuanian rural areas.

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    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
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  • Students
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    A4 conventional format, 32 pages, full color, downloadable on the website of Lithuanian National Rural Network. Available in 5 languages: Lithuanian, English, German, Polish and Russian. ISBN 978-609-95341-4-5. Lithuanian language: 20.000 copies, English: 5.000 copies, German: 5.000 copies, Polish: 5.000 copies, Russian 5.000 copies.

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    €25 000 to €49 999


    Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania

    Distribution & Promotion

    Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania
    Joint stock company 'Homeland'

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The brochure has been distributed to various events in Lithuania, as well as to libraries, local and international agricultural and food shows. It has received a lot of attention both in Lithuania and abroad: 40.000 copies were distributed in nearly a month, and additional English copies were requested. In January 2013, 8.000 additionnal copies were released.

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania

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    Joint stock company 'Homeland'


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    Ceslovas Skarzinskas


    Gedimino Ave.19, LT-01103 Vilnius


    +370 5 239 11 11