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Seminar on Innovation

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  • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences
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    Common agricultural policy, EU institutions, Events, Innovation


    In November 2012, the Austrian National Rural Network organised a two-day seminar entitled "What is Innovation and How to Support it?". Guests represented various rural stakeholders from Austria and as well as EU institutions. The event organised debates around the topic of innovation and its practical operation under selected projects, with a special focus on the future challenges of the Common Agricultural Policy, emerging EIP network and Horizon 2020.

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  • [AT] National Level
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    The main objectives were to raise awareness of rural stakeholders on innovation and related topics, to create a common understanding and to provide networking opportunities for the event participants.

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    Website, PowerPoint presentations, publications

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  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
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  • NRNs
  • Managing Authorities
  • Other Government
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  • EU Institutions
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  • General Public
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    The two-day long seminar involved a variety of presentations on innovation. Debates were organised to identify and undersand better all emerging innovation issues and ideas.

    Date produced

    28-29th November 2012


    Austrian National Rural Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    Austrian National Rural Network

    Name of organisation

    Netzwerk Land (Austrian NRN)

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    National Rural Network

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    Luis Fidlschuster


    Netzwerk Land
    Dresdner Strasse 68a
    A-1200 Vienna