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Enhancing E-inclusion of Farmers in Rural Public Libraries

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    The Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC) developed of web-based distance learning system in 2011. The Klintaine Public Library launched a project entitled “Hand in Hand: Enhancing E-inclusion of Farmers in Rural Public Libraries” to produce webinar series on agriculture and rural entrepreneurship. The project involved rural libraries to better support farmers in their online learning.

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    The main idea behind the project was to encourage the e-inclusion of Latvian farmers, based on a new approach to improve farmers’ ICT skills and ability to survive in a challenging, rapidly changing social and economic environment where ICT plays an increasing role. The project aimed at creating a new innovative service for public libraries - online seminars/webinars - which provide constant support to farmers through electronic resources available anytime and anywhere.

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    A special webinar software, easily accessible via any web browser, was used to allow a large number of participants to join the online learning tool, to upload/download various types of materials and to interact with trainers. Participation in online training classes is ensured through VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol). There is also the possibility to record seminars. All files are stored on the internet and made available to all users (CD/DVD/USB).

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    Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre

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    Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre, Latvian National Rural Network

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    The Klintaine Public Library reached over 1,800 farmers through this project. Webinars are an efficient and cost-effective way of reaching rural communities while encouraging the Ministry of Agriculture and training agencies to introduce webinars as part of their online services. The project’s goal is to develop online training services based on professional knowledge and expertise that satisfy the learning needs of farmers.

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    Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre

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    National Rural Network

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    Latvian National Rural Network


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    Andrejs Briedis


    Rīgas iela 34, Ozolnieki, Ozolnieku pagasts, Ozolnieku novads, LV-3018


    +371 63050220