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Report on the Young Farmer Competition in Slovenia

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    The report presents the nominees of the 2010 Young Innovative Farmer contest, out of 1229 candidates who benefited from the EAFRD support under the framework of the Slovenian Rural Development Programme. The Slovenian Association of Rural Youth organised the competition in partnership with the Slovenian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in order to encourage innovation amongst young farmers and foster a competitive farming sector in Slovenia. The farmers' profiles contain a brief description of their farms and why their initiative was considered innovative. The report is endorsed by the Slovenian Agricultural Ministry and the presidents of the two organising bodies.

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    The main goal of the publication is to disseminate information about the Young Innovative Farmer competition and to celebrate the winners. The publication presents the achievements of the candidates to the general public .

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    24 color pages report in Slovenian language. It contains opening letters from the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture and from 2 representatives of the organisations that set up the competition. It briefly describes the contest and its objectives and presents the nominees. The competition was advertised on the organisers’ websites, and the report is also available online.

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    up to €4 999


    Slovenian Rural Youth Association

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    Slovenian Rural Youth Association and Slovenian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry

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    600 copies of the report were distributed.

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    Slovenian Rural Youth Association

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    Slovenian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry


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    Damjan Cvetan – Promotion and Information Responsible


    Celovška 43, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


    +386 (0)1 433 12 70