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Promoting Bulgarian RDP measures – Video clip series at the national television

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  • Video Clip
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    Communications, Information campaign, Managing authority, Promotional material, Rural economy, Video


    The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Bulgarian National Television broadcasted a series of 8 video clips (commercials) that promote the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. Half of the clips promote the RDP in general and the other four promote four of the most interesting measures of the RDP (214, 121, 141 and 123). All video clips present the story of a central character, that is interested in rural development and that find out what is the support that RDP can offer to his or her needs. It features rural Bulgarian landscapes and peasants/farmers’ profiles that makes it easy for the rural inhabitants to identify with. The first four clips are merely `teasers`, as their scripts convey the idea that farmers can find answers to their questions by accessing the detailed information related to that RDP that responsible institutions provide them.

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  • [BG] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The series of video clips created and broadcasted was meant to raise rural inhabitants’ awareness about the opportunities offered by the Bulgarian RDP 2007-2013 and to encourage them to further search for more information by contacting responsible bodies and by accessing dedicated websites. It conveys the message that accessing the RDP funding opportunities is not a difficult task, and that they can rely on dedicated support.

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    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Other EAFRD Beneficiaries

  • Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • LAGs
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

  • General Audience:

  • General Public
  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Technical information

    A series of 8 video clips (commercials). The first four are about 30 seconds long. The clips dedicated to certain measures are approximately 2 minutes long. Main language: Bulgarian.

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    Cost range

    €5 000 to €9 999


    Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food

    Distribution & Promotion

    Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food
    Bulgarian National Television

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The videos were broadcasted in the Bulgarian public television which allowed for a high level of general audience reach.

    Name of organisation

    Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture

    Type of

    Managing Authority

    Partner organisation(s)

    Bulgarian National Television


    Name of contact person

    Lydia Koleva


    55 Hristo Botev Blvd.
    1040 Sofia,