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A Periodical Magazine for Farmers

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    Agriculture, Awareness raising, Communications, Environment, Farm diversification, Fishery, General public, Information, Publications and printed products


    ‘Farmer’ is a periodical issued by the Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment providing useful information on a wide range of topics. The 76-page magazine, available online and in print version, offers an overview of current affairs, events and useful documents, such as articles related to new researches and technologies, information about the CAP reform and the funds available.

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    The objective is to inform regularly its public, especially farmers, about the recent innovations made in the agriculture and fisheries sectors and to provide them with good examples of success stories related to new technologies and cultivation methods to inspire and encourage them in their own projects.

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    A 76-page magazine available in print and electronic version. A dedicated version of Reader (Flipbook) is used to allow users to choose how they want to read the online content: either as a slideshow or in a classical manner. Users can download, print the entire document or just selected chapters. A print version is also issued in 8 500 copies, which is sent free of charge to subscribers.

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    updated 2013


    Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

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    Managing Authority


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    Spiridon Ellinas – Editor


    Louki Akrita Avenue
    1411 Nicosia


    +357 22408549