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Blog on Organic Food, Farming & Environment

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    Oliver Moore is an agri-food writer, journalist and sociologist, particularly interested in organic farming. Besides writing articles for various well-known Irish publications, he shares information via a web 2.0: Blogging (on Blogspot platform) and a Twitter account. On his blog “olliesplace: Organic food, farming & environment” launched in 2007, he publishes articles at least twice a month, as he believes the future of the organic market is online. His blog was promoted by the Irish National Rural Network through their official website. His articles contain diverse viewpoints and interviews with relevant stakeholders involved in organic farming.

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    The main aim of the blog is to exchange opinions regarding organic food, farming and environment in Ireland and abroad in order to raise awareness and provide the readers with up-to-date information on agriculture and rural development. It uses a wide range of features provided by the platform and redirects the readers to other related sources. It combines the author's in-depth knowledge on organic farming and environment with up-to-date information about events and research.

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    Website, books and publications, newspapers and magazines.

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    The blog was designed and built under the Blogspot platform. It is supported by a more work-related website where readers can find information about the author’s work (lectures, trainings, public relations activities, other articles, etc.).

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    up to €4 999


    Oliver Moore, agri-food writer, journalist and sociologist

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    Oliver Moore, agri-food writer, jounalist and sociologist
    Irish National Rural Network

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    The blog is updated regularly with new posts and uses a wide range of interactive features. Its effectiveness can be assessed on the basis of the statistics embedded in the Blogspot platform and comments written by users.

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    Oliver Moore / Irish National Rural Network

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    Irish National Rural Network


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    Oliver Moore


    The Rural Development Support Unit, Ballingarrane Technology Park, Clonmel, Co.
    Tipperary, Ireland


    +353 504 28123