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A Web Portal for Farmers

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    The web portal for farmers was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to help subscribed farmers from all across the country manage better their farming business. The applications available online through the portal are: Land Registration (LPIS), Animal Registration (IZR), and Evidence of Products and Fertilizers (EPH). These applications cover the vast majority of the farmers's management needs and allow them to register directly online. In addition, the portal helps farmers with administrative tasks, such as the preparation of grant applications and the monitoring of their applications, vineyard registration, and other relevant information for their daily business management.

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    Czech Republic

  • [CZ] National Level
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    The portal was designed to offer an easier and less time consuming way for farmers to manage their business and to provide all needed technical advices directly from the Ministry of Agriculture.

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    Website and helpdesk permanency

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  • Rural Population
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    To get access to the portal, a farmer has to officially register, e.g. obtaining a login and a password, from the regional offices of SAIF, Central SAIF or from the Agency for Agriculture and Rural (AZV MA). An helpdesk service is offered to assist users solving potential problems encountered while using the portal.

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    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Managing Authority


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    Zuzana Dvořáková


    Těšnov 17, Praha, CZ-11705, Czech Republic


    +42 (0) 221 812 433