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Sharing Practice Guide for encouraging women involvement in rural development businesses - 'Inspirational Rural Woman'

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    'Inspirational Rural Women' is a publication issued by the Rural Network for Northern Ireland in association with the Women in Rural Development Thematic Working Group. It presents businesses that have been created and ran successfully by women, and that brought relevant improvements in rural localities. The approach of the publication and of the entire initiative is to brochure put women in the spotlight, showing how they are truly involved and committed to rural development. Each business is presented in-depth, providing people with core information and details such as the name of the business, contacts and locations. A nice way to introduce the content of the brochure was the section called "Words of Wisdom from Wonderful Women", which contains tips and advice for those women who would like to start a business in rural areas.

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    United Kingdom

  • [UK] Northern Ireland
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    As the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) is focusing its support on people and place, one of its main aims being to improve quality of life and encouraging diversification of economic activity. The brochure therefore aims at showing that rural areas offers considerable capacity in this respect, for those women wishing to grow a small business or to begin something completely new. Shared experiences bring to the readers more confidence in their business ideas and are encouraged to put their plans into practice in their own rural communities.

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    Events, Workshops

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    The brochure is part of a capacity building campaign besides training courses and informational events. It contains 24 full color pages, nicely illustrated, in English language. It presents 28 case studies of businesses developed by women including their contact details and websites. The chapter dedicated to the LEADER and women involvement brings in the portrait of women involved in LAGs and their achievements.

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    up to €4 999


    Northern Ireland Rural Development Network

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    Northern Ireland Rural Development Network

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The brochure was widely distributed among stakeholders involved into delivery of RDP in Northern Ireland, southern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and accross Europe. It is available in an online form at the website of the Northern Irish NRN, allowing for easy access to all interested. The brochure has met with considerable enthusiasm and was promoted through a variety of other media.

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    Northern Ireland Rural Development Network

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    National Rural Network

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    Women in Rural Development Thematic Working Group



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    Aileen Donnelly


    Rural Development Council Offices, 17 Loy Street, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, N. Ireland, BT80 8PZ, UK


    +44 (0)28 8676 6980