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Slovenian Rural Parliament 2012 – discussion on CAP 2014-2020

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    Common agricultural policy, Rural society, Society


    The second Slovenian Rural Parliament was held in In the rural tourist area of Zreče, Slovenia on 16-17 October 2012. The event was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and the Slovenian Rural Development Network (NGO), under the coordination of the National Rural Network (NRN). Over 300 participants attended the event from public and professional institutions, civil society and commercial enterprises. The main activities of the Rural Parliament were as follows:
    • A general presentation on the background European legislative framework regarding rural development 2014- 2020;
    • Eight workshops covering pillars I and II of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were delivered with the help of 9 foreign participants, including representatives from the European Commission and ENRD;
    • Good practice exhibits (24 in total).

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    Main purpose

    The Parliament aimed to provide opportunities for participants to exchange views and information, so as to formulate an extensive assessment of the key rural development policies to be implemented in the 2014-2020 period.

    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Other EAFRD Beneficiaries

  • Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • NRNs
  • Managing Authorities
  • Other Government
  • LAGs
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

  • General Audience:

  • General Public
  • Rural Population
  • Date produced

    16-17 October 2012

    Cost range

    €25 000 to €49 999


    Slovenian NRN

    Distribution & Promotion

    The event was promoted via the website of the Ministry, as a press release produced by the Ministry's PR, on the website of the organising partner (NGO) and via electronic newsletter.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The Rural Parliament was successful, as it achieved its main goal of creating a social dialogue on the future of the CAP. The outcomes of the Rural Parliament included: • Building common understanding of common policies through social dialogue; • Exchange of relevant experience and know-how amongst stakeholders; • Effective stakeholder engagement; • Collection, analysis and dissemination of good practice, success stories and relevant experience.

    Name of organisation

    Slovenian NRN

    Type of

    National Rural Network

    Partner organisation(s)

    Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and the Slovenian Rural Development Network (NGO).