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A Medieval Festival in Portugal

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    Awareness raising, Events, Information, Local Action Group, Tourism


    During spring 2013, several local organisations from Tomar, Portugal, in cooperation with locals and visitors organised a medieval festival "Festa Templaria" to promote the traditional and artisanal crafts of the town. The event gathered 6 Local Action Groups (LAGs) from 6 different countries. The festival's programme included seminars, dinners and other performances. Seminars were held in Portuguese with English translation available.

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    Main purpose

    The main purpose of the festival was to promote the city of Tomar, its folklore, artisans' work, culinary traditions and history, such as the UNESCO monuments.

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    Website and Facebook account dedicated to the event.

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    A 4-day festival organised together with the municipality and LAGs' support. The agenda included seminars, outdoor activities, theater performances, folk music and street animations.

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    > €100 000


    Association for Integrated Development of North Ribatejo (ADIRN), ADRITEM, LAG Karhuseutu/LC Ulvila, LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership

    Distribution & Promotion

    Association for Integrated Development of North Ribatejo (ADIRN), ADRITEM, LAG Karhuseutu/LC Ulvila, LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The festival was very successful, receiving thousands of visitors and was widely broadcasted. It was also an opportunity for project partners from the Baltic countries and France to learn how to organise similar events. A second edition is anticipated.

    Name of organisation

    Association for Integrated Development of North Ribatejo (ADIRN)

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    Local Action Group

    Partner organisation(s)

    LAG MTÜ PÄRNU LAHE, PARTNERLUSKOGU/PÄRNU BAY PARTNERSHIP NGO, Estonia, LAG KARHUSEUTU, LC Ulvila Finland, LAG ADIRN, Portugal, LAG ADRITEM, Portugal, LAG Pays Ruthénois, France, LAG Darisim paši!, Latvia


    Name of contact person

    Jorge Rodrigues – Coordinator


    Alameda Um de Março - Centro Comercial Templários - 3º andar
    2300 431 Tomar - Portugal


    +35 2 49 310040