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Communicating through blogs - Blogging platform feature on the Dutch Rural Network website

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    The Dutch Rural Network relies on blogging as communication initiatives by embedding a web section for bloggers in its website. Each blogger have its own page and can post as many articles as he/she wants as long as it is related to rural development or agriculture. On the main page the viewer sees the picture and name of each blogger and by clicking access the blogger page where it can find the content posted and a short profile of the author.
    Readers can subscribe to a daily up-date to be received via e-mail. The blogging platform is open to those interested who need just to express their interest and wait for approval from the NRN responsible staff.

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    This blogging platform embedded in the NRN’s website has as main goal to facilitate the expression of various opinion regarding rural development and agriculture, and to allow people to comment, thus enriching the views and information on the relevant topics. Being an open space for expressing ideas for independent experts and professional, it represents another way of catalyzing experience and ideas exchange in the field.

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    There are already 36 bloggers that posts regularly on the blogging section of the website. Each has its own page where a short profile is presented. Articles are posted in different sections such as: Agriculture and Society, Nature and Landscape, Urban-Rural Relationships, Local Energy.

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    Marga de Jong


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