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Promotional Campaign 'Cherries of the Bari Region'

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  • Campaign
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    Agri-food industry, Campaign, Fruit


    ‘Cherries of the Bari Region’ is a promotional campaign for an important product of the agri-food sector of Puglia, Italy – the cherry. The campaign was centered around a number of promotional activities over a four-week period, targeting local producers, large-scale retail traders, educational institutions, retailers and local tourist agencies – so as to successfully promote both product and region to a local and national audience.

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  • [IT] Puglia
  • Main purpose

    To promote the consumption of cherries by stressing the quality and importance of cherry production in Puglia – which produces 40% of all Italian cherries. More specifically:
    1) to instill a sense of pride in cherry producers and a sense of trust in consumers;
    2) to help to ensure the product is taken directly from production sites to large retail chains, giving strategic importance to farmers and short supply chain systems, benefitting local entrepreneurs and consumers;
    3) to improve dialogue with the large-scale retail traders – who currently control 80% of the market share;
    4) to create a 'product culture' amongst large-scale retail outlets, educational institutions and local gathering places for tourists.

    tools used

    Website design, branding and logo work (graphic design), packaging and promotional tools.

    Target audience

    General Audience:

  • Students
  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Other General Audience
  • Technical information

    The campaign included the design and dissemination of the following products: logo; Website (; 70x100cm posters; exhibition desk for large-scale retail trade events; wooden exhibition corner; counter display units to be placed within accommodating facilities; wooden case for tastings; promotional roll-ups; informative brochures; conference folders; shopper bags; informative flyers for school activities; menu holders; badges; single-dose glasses for tasting/healthy snack at schools.

    Date produced

    May - June 2012

    Cost range

    €10 000 to €24 999


    LAG Ponte Lama

    Distribution & Promotion

    The campaign was promoted by the LAGs and their partners, in the stores (fruit and vegetables stores and large retail outlets) and schools.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The project “Cherries of the Bari Region’ brought together for the first time public and private stakeholders in the cherry supply chain to work on a common project to promote their region and the consumption of cherries of Bari. An increase in production and sales was seen as a result of the campaign.

    Name of organisation

    LAG Ponte Lama

    Type of

    Local Action Group

    Partner organisation(s)

    Local Action Groups – Ponte Lama, Le città di Castel del Monte, Sud Est Barese, dei Trulli e di Barsento, province of Bari, province of BT, professional agricultural organisations of the provinces of Bari and BT, Consortium of Protection and Enhancement of Cherry and Typical Fruit of Bisceglie.


    Name of contact person



    Ponte Lama
    Corso Garibaldi 23
    76011 Bari


    + 39 080 9648571