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Die Waldfibel - Mobile Application About Forests

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    Autochthonous species, Biodiversity, Communication technology, Education, Forest ecosystem, Information, Information technology, Internet


    "Die Waldfibel" (the Forest textbook) is a mobile and tablet application developed under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. The app offers a playful access to an appealing content: learning more about local forests (fauna and flora). It is conceived as a multimedia walk in the woods during which the user could make virtual contact with the different forest ‘dwellers’ (animals, trees, etc.). The app is an educational one, as it provides quizzes regarding forest flora and games for determining different tree species of the tree-based game and measuring the trees in your area with the tree height measurement.

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  • [DE] National Level
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    The goal of the application is to raise people awareness and knowledge on forestry matters and to present this information on local forests heritage from a new angle. It is an educative tool that supports nature lovers and environmental stakeholders to find out more about German forests in a playful way, using the most recent opportunities offered by IT&C technology.

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    Website, Brochure

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    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
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  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled
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  • Technical information

    Application is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices in German language and it is regularly updated. It contains a dictionary for main information about forest and a visual dictionary as well, and provides a library of sounds related to various species described. In Android Playstore it reached over 1000 downloads. Links to app stores are provided on the Ministry’s website.

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    up to €4 999


    Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

    Distribution & Promotion

    Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The application has been highly popular among users (315 000 downloads as of September 2013). The feedback has been very positive: it has been rated as one as of the top applications offered by governmental bodies (listed by the popular IT magazine 'Computerbild'), and not just in terms of download-numbers, but also for its educational impacts. The added value of the app is that it builds awareness of sustainable forest use.

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    Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

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    Managing Authority


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    Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz


    Rochusstraße 1
    53123 Bonn


    +49 228 529 0