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Brochure Promoting 2007-2013 LEADER Actions

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    This brochure was designed as a synthesis of the LEADER component of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in Luxembourg for the period 2007-2013. It presents some basic information about the LEADER approach, its measures and principles of financing as part of the RDP Luxembourg. It also offers an overview of the 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs), including some relevant information, such as their regional profile, a map and their structure. Each LAG strategy for development is presented in a clear diagram together with several project ideas that could be further developed in the micro region. Contact details are available, including webpages and e-mails.

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    The main purpose of the brochure was to raise public awareness about the LEADER approach and its main stakeholders as well as about local development strategies and principles, in order to facilitate the use of the available funds under the LEADER measures and to boost the development of rural areas.

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    20 colour pages in English. Available also in French and German, downloadable on the Ministry’s website.

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    €5 000 to €9 999


    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Development, Luxembourg

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Development, Luxembourg

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    1.000 copies distributed. The brochure is also available electronically on the Ministry’s website.

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development

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    Managing Authority



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    André Loos, Françoise Bonert


    1, rue de la Congrégation L - 1352


    +35 2 247 82 530