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Journal on Plant Variety Rights

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    "The Official Journal of National Plant Variety Rights" is an Irish journal that is published twice a year on the website of the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine. The journal identifies and lists the names of plants, vegetables and fruits from different countries. The listed plants are then categorized and named based on their origins. The names of the producers are also listed with the proposed name given by the applicant.

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    Main purpose

    The goal is to give a thorough description of the different fruits, plants and vegetables based on their country of production. This brochure aims at explaining to people how and on what the Irish Department of Agriculture is working on.

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    10 pages in English

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    up to €4 999


    Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine

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    Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The information included in the brochure is highly technical (e.g. contaning names of plants in latin) and thus available to a limited group of readers. It is particularly attractive to agricultural sciencists and provides valuable updates and institutional directories that can enhance research.

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    Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine

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    Managing Authority



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    Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine


    Kildare Street Dublin 2


    00 353 01 607 2000