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Interactive Maps of Harmful Organisms in Czech Republic

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    Agricultural product quality, Agriculture, Animal health, Animal welfare, Contaminated area, On-line data base, Pest control


    The web based tool shares information regarding harmful organisms, such as pests and fungi, that can be found in the Czech Republic. Developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and embedded into its website, it consists of an online database that lists a wide range of harmful organisms. Based on the collected data, users can identify the different harmful organisms infesting the country. A map is generated according to the different criteria selected by the user, such as type of crops, type of pests, damage and the degree of damage resulted. The map follows a 4 color level legend: no occurrence, normal occurrence, below normal incidence and above-normal incidence.

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    Czech Republic

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    The aim of this tool is to gather and share information about harmful organisms in the Czech Republic. Farmers can identify where (areas) and when (season) these organisms can be found in order to better manage their crops.

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    Online database populated with relevant data that generates various interactive maps according to the criteria selected by users. Maps allow further o search an area of pest occurrence by cadastral codes.

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    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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    Information office / Zuzana Dvorakova


    Těšnov 17, Praha, CZ-11705, Czech Republic


    +42 (0) 221 812 433