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Livestock antistress giveaways - promoting organization as a stress free partnership

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    Reach Rural Development Network in Wales use a creative approach in making itself more visible to its target groups and in promoting its image while stressing that rural development can be stress free. Nowadays, many organizations and companies choose to offer as giveaways anti stress products as one of the most effective promotional products that can keep the organisation’s name/brand at the public’s hand, literally. At Reach, funny antistress giveaways featuring livestock animals were produced and distributed during various organisations’ events. It helps keeping in sight almost everywhere the name of the organization: either at the office, in a business trip, and even on children playground. It is a funny way to convey the message that, presumably, most people involved in rural development may think they are confronted with a lot of pressures in any phase of their endeavors, but Reach tries to prove that with their help there will be no stress at all.

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    United Kingdom

  • [UK] Wales
  • Main purpose

    The promotional materials developed and distributed by Reach was used as a tool to maintain the target groups focused on the brand/name of the organization, while associating it with humor and a certain easiness. It stresses the basic link between organization and the rural area by using as symbols livestock animals.

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  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
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  • Technical information

    Made of soft and squishy foam in a form of a little cow or a sheep. It has the organization logo and web address imprinted.

    Date produced



    Reach - Rural Revelopment Network – Bridgend Wales, UK

    Distribution & Promotion

    Reach - Rural Revelopment Network – Bridgend Wales, UK

    Name of organisation

    Reach - Rural Revelopment Network – Bridgend Wales, UK

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    Other Rural Development Network


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    Rhiannon Hardiman


    Unit 3
    Castle View
    CF31 1NJ


    +44 1656 815 080