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Short and concise - brochure on rural development strategy of Volgy Videk territory between 2008- 2012

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    Communications, Local Action Group, Managing authority, National Rural Network, Publications and printed products, Visibility


    Richly illustrated brochure of Volgy Videk Local Action Group clearly describes the LEADER concept, explaining its history and summarizing its leading principles. The brochure is a tool for obtaining more visibility for the organization, so a section is dedicated to the outline of its geographical location and a description of its natural and socio-economic environment. The approved local development strategy is presented, covering some of its most important objectives, and it is followed by examples of completed project developed in the region. The publication is approved by the National Rural Development Programme Managing Authority made under evaluation and proposal of the Hungarian Presidency of the National Rural Network.

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    The brochure’s main objective is to present nicely edited information about the Local Action Group’s history, purposes, long-term goals and achieved results between 2008-2012. Its attractive design aims to convey a positive image of the territory and its inhabitants involved in shaping their own future.

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    Local Action Group's website

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    Wonderfully illustrated full colour brochure (21 cm X 21) of 14 pages plus covers in English language. Balance between text and professional illustration makes reading easy and invite to discover more about this territory.

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    Hungarian National Rural Network

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    Hungarian National Rural Network

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    National Rural Network

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    Volgy Videk Kozosseg


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    Dávid Mezőszentgyörgyi


    Park utca 2, H-1223 Budapest, Hungary


    +36 1/362-8112