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Animate the dairy sector in Andalusia Spain - Traditional Cheese Market video

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    Animation, Audiovisual & media, Cheese, Dairy sector, Marketing, NGO, Promotion, Video


    QuesAndaluz is an NGO of dairy producers in Spain interested in more dynamic cheese sector and in creative promotion of traditional cheeses, and in marketing their products through short channels. The Traditional Cheese Market they organise allow direct contact between producers and consumers, facilitating direct sales of the product and the commitment of employers by short marketing channels. The video is a mean to further promote this initiative in order to attract more visitors and consumers. The market is promoted as a full scale event and the video shows what the initiative is offering and how people feel participating to is by offering information about venues, number of visitors and producers and activities that added value to the market itself: professional cheese tasting and tasting tours by subscription, workshops on cheese making for children, wide educational information about different products presented, dissemination of the natural qualities of these cheeses.

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  • [ES] Andalucía
  • Main purpose

    The aim of the video is to reflect the initiatives of promoting the traditional cheese and cheese makers in Andalucia, and marketing products through short channels. It encourages the potential consumers to came and find out firsthand how the cheeses are made, how they taste and that they can purchase them in situ.

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    Website of the association, posters and visual identity elements.

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  • Farmers
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  • Women
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  • Technical information

    4 min. 01 sec. video mixing images shoot at previous Traditional Cheese Markets with various still frames of products, logo of the event and relevant information to be pinpointed to the viewers. Important figures are presented in writing: number of visitors and producers taking part to the event, type of activities proposed. The proposed soundtrack is a nice traditional music with a modern touch.

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    up to €4 999


    Association of Cheesemakers from Andalusia

    Distribution & Promotion

    Association of Cheesemakers from Andalusia

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    Association of Cheesemakers from Andalusia

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    Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries



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    Maria Jesús Jiménez


    C/ Dehesa Nº 80 Pizarra Malaga
    29560 Espana


    +34 952.483.868