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'NRN Bulletin' - the magazine of National Rural Network (Polish version, quarterly editions)

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    A quarterly 52-page colour magazine, published in Polish and available in downloadable (online) and print formats. Each edition of the 'NRN Bulletin' includes a wide range of information, focused primarily on rural develpment. The main section concerns current news from the National Rural Network (NRN) Central Secretariat and regional units of the NRN, who provide information on activities and events taking place in the region - in accordance with the action plan of NRN. The content of magazine is enhanced by thematic articles and analyses on key topics related to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) or rural development and agricultural markets generally. There is also a dedicated section for Local Action Groups (LAGs) where they can present their projects, with a focus on international cooperation projects.

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    Main purpose

    To disseminate information about the activities of the Polish National Rural Network (NRN); to promote examples of good practice; and to facilitate exchange of experiences amongst stakeholders. The magazine also promotes Polish rural development generally.

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    Website of the National Rural Network

    Target audience

    Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • Managing Authorities
  • LAGs
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders
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    Printed version: format 25 cm x 19 cm, full colour

    Date produced

    From year 2010

    Cost range

    up to €4 999


    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland
    Foundation of Assistance Programs for Agriculture FAPA

    Distribution & Promotion

    Some 5000 copies are printed for each edition and distributed to every regional unit of NRN. This facilitates the further circulation of the magazine to a wider audience in Polish rural areas generally. The magazine is also available online via the NRN website in PDF format.

    Assessment of effectiveness

    The NRN Bulletin is a well presented publication - that offers an array of interesting information on activities and events to its stakeholders. The dedicated section on projects - in particular LEADER projects - offers ideas and solutions to others. The use of imagery is also important to ensure the magazine is attractive - not only to rural development stakeholders but a wider audience generally. An interesting and engaging read.

    Name of organisation

    Foundation of Assistance Programs for Agriculture FAPA

    Type of

    National Rural Network


    Name of contact person

    Przemysław Gręda


    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Rural Development Department
    Wspólna 30
    00-930 Warszawa


    +48 22 623 1995