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Video 'Well farmed. A portion of agriculture on your plate!'

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    During the summer of 2012 the Flemish Rural Network and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries visited the five Flemish provinces with the interactive and informative stand 'Well farmed. A portion of agriculture on your plate!'. With these events the Flemish Rural Network wanted to inform the general public on the importance of agriculture and horticulture in past, present and future. Children had the time of their life! They had to find their way throught the labyrinth of the food chain and in the laboratory they could experiment and see how science and agriculture are combined. In the supermarket children could go shopping while their parents discovered the low return of the consumer's prices to the farmers. They could also create a landscape with animals, stables, wind mills, etc..Children also had to catch the risks farmers are facing. Adults joined the children and could read the information boards all over the stand while the children were playing.

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  • [BE] Flanders
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    In this video, the Flemish Rural Network defined five key messages that wanted the public to remember: -‘From seed to plate’ -‘Honest prices for honest and delicious dishes’ -‘Delicious and healthy from our own land’ -‘The right farmer in the right place’ -‘Farmer as entrepreneur’. These messages were brought in two ways: interactive games for children and information signs for their parents/grandparents. By giving children the possibility to play on our stand, the parents were free to read the information boards, and get the messages we wanted to tell them. At the information desk they received a brochure on 50 years CAP: the evolution of the CAP was combined with delicious recipes.

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    Flemish Rural Network

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    Flemish Rural Network

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    National Rural Network


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    Ariane Van Den Steen


    Departement Landbouw en Visserij
    Afdeling Organisatie en Strategisch Beleid
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    0032 2 552 77 39