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‘Your Vegetable basket’ blog tells the story of a young farmer turning from IT business to rural life - Romania

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    Agriculture, Communications, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Farm shop, Marketing, Organic farming, Sustainable agriculture, Transparency, Vegetable, Visibility, Young farmers


    ‘Vegetable basket’ (Cosul de legume) is a delivery company for fresh vegetables near the capital city of Romania. The young family farmers cultivate their own vegetables (including teas, traditional pickles and canned food) and sell directly to consumers. The Blog is one of the communication tools (together with the website and Facebook account) used by the farmer to communicate to the customers and potential customers. This tool is used as a way to keep all those interested updated about the life at the farm, about recent development and future plans and gives the floor for those interested to find out more or to comment to the recent posts. Articles tell the story of the young farmer (who is a recent EAFRD beneficiary) and of its steps in this endeavor as the initial farming idea keep growing. They are posted to mark main farming works as they are done in the seasons.

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    The main aim of the blog is to maintain friends and potential consumers informed about the life at the farm, and to present them the calendar of the works, as they are planned by the farmer (e.g. an article let them know that the activity was expanded by bringing in duck chickens).

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    Facebook account and website

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    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
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  • Women
  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled
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    Blog on Wordpress platform.

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    up to €4 999


    S.C. Consus Ecoprod S.R.L.

    Distribution & Promotion

    The blog is promoted on the website of the business and on its Facebook account.

    Name of organisation

    S.C. Consus Ecoprod S.R.L.

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    small rural business financed throught EAFRD


    Name of contact person

    Andrei Barbu


    No 11, Sergent Constantin Moise str.,
    District 6, Bucharest


    +40 742298554