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Video presenting the development of a horticulture enterprise in Hungary

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    Added-value, Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Farm diversification, Fruit, Horticulture, Modernisation, Video


    Video, structured in 3 chapters, presents during an interview with one of its managers, the example of an orchard developed into a horticulture business. It shows the premises of the enterprises and describes its actual state of the art followed by the plans for its future development into a multifunctional farm by adding a guest house with some fruit testing facility. Grants from EAFRD are used to develop the irrigation systems and to make other improvements at the farm. In the conclusion part, the video brings in, through the voice of the young farmer the issue of cooperation and information sharing among farmers as a must for the development of this type of business in rural areas.

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  • [HU] National Level
  • Main purpose

    The main purpose of the video is to show the story of a family farm, grown into a horticulture business, as an inspirational example of success project in Hungary that could mobilize other rural entrepreneurs and farmers to initiate similar farming businesses or to continue to develop the one already initiated.

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    Video 3 min. 37 sec. Hungarian Language with English subtitles. Interview with a young farmer sharing its experiences and future plans for farm development.

    Date produced

    November 2012

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    up to €4 999


    National Rural Network Hungary

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    National Rural Network Hungary via YouTube

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    National Rural Network Hungary

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    National Rural Network



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    Dávid Mezőszentgyörgyi


    Park utca 2, H-1223 Budapest, Hungary


    + 36 1362 8112