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LinkedIn Group profile for rural and regional development professionals within the EU

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    LinkedIn Group allows rural and regional development participants to launch virtual discussion and to join those already opened, to express their views regarding relevant issues for rural development including EAFRD and Leader approach) and to share information about current and planned events. Another feature is toe possibility to post job announcement, as the membership is made out of professionals and practitioners (programme administrators, participants and consultants).

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    The LinkedIn Group was created as community of practitioners' channel for sharing information among participants in EU-funded European Union regional and rural development programmes, and to be used as a medium to virtually discuss relevant issues of this domain.

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    LinkedIn professional group with more than 3 600 members. Group statistic feature offers an overview regarding the profile of its members and the group activity since its creation to day.

    Date produced

    up-dated 2012

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    up to €4 999


    Ciaran Buckle - Group Owner, Rural and Regional Development professional

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    Via LinkedIn network and LinkedIn groups

    Name of organisation

    European Union Regional and Rural Development Participants

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    Professional Group


    Name of contact person

    Ciaran Buckle


    European Union Regional and Rural Development Participants