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Video on rural tourism development in Zilina rural mountain region in Slovakia

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    Communications, EU standards, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, Rural economy, Rural tourism, Tourism, Video, Women


    Video presents 2 projects supporting the development of rural tourism financed through EAFR in mountain rural areas in Slovakia. It emphasizes the development of two small businesses: rebuilding and equipping a family house into a guest house, and constructing a brand new touristic facility designed to use local thermal spring as heating system. Both projects are meeting some of the RDP objectives: creating local jobs and making the rural area a nice place to live in and to visit.

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  • [SK] National Level
  • Main purpose

    Showing how small businesses in rural tourism bring economic benefits for rural mountain areas. Encourage entrepreneurship in this field and promoting this nice touristic area.

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    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Other EAFRD Beneficiaries

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  • LAGs
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

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  • Youth
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  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Technical information

    Video; Duration: 9m 00s; Language: Slovak with English subtitles Video is realized within the premises of the two businesses where the project promoters are interviewed. Shootings in recreational areas are added in order to bring them more close to the viewers.

    Date produced

    April 2012

    Cost range

    up to €4 999


    Slovak National Rural Development Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    Slovak National Rural Development Network using YouTube channel

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    Slovak National Rural Development Network

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    National Rural Network



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    Malvína Gondová


    Akademicka 4, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia