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Twitter account used for a real time social networking with those interested in rural development in England

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Website and Social Media:

  • Twitter
  • Keyword(s)

    Communications, Cooperation, Exchange, General public, National Rural Network, Networking, Public awareness, Visibility, Website & Social Media


    The Twitter account managed by the Rural Development Programme for England Network makes possible to keep connected with people with similar interests in rural development. More than 1000 actual followers receive through this media tool in short texts the latest newsletters from the Rural Network, instant info about future or actual events, call for proposals, about (transnational) cooperation opportunities. It links the NRN with individuals – interested in rural wildlife, agribusiness, nature science, researchers, and communicators, with charities and local businesses and with potential transnational partners or supporters.

    & RDP Region(s)

    United Kingdom

  • [UK] England
  • Main purpose

    Its main purpose is to share relevant information within the network and thus, within the ‘networks of the network’, in order to promote RDPE Network activities in support of rural development and to bridge people’s efforts in this field.

    tools used

    Website of the Rural Network

    Target audience

    EAFRD Beneficiaries:

  • Farmers
  • Other rural businesses
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Marginalised and Disabled
  • Other EAFRD Beneficiaries

  • Rural Development Stakeholders:

  • NRNs
  • Managing Authorities
  • Other Government
  • LAGs
  • EU Institutions
  • Other Rural Development Stakeholders

  • General Audience:

  • Students
  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Urban Population
  • Rural Population
  • Other General Audience
  • Technical information

    Social Media; Followers: 1081, Following: 80; Language: English. Followers receive through this media tool in short texts (up to140 characters which can include mentions to other users, hashtags, external links)

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    Cost range

    up to €4 999


    Rural Development Programme for England Network

    Distribution & Promotion

    Rural Development Programme for England Network promote its Twitter account via its website and events

    Name of organisation

    Rural Development Programme for England Network

    Type of

    England Network


    Name of contact person

    Sarah Wymer


    RDPE Network
    Temple Quay House (Zone 2/18)
    2, The Square Bristol BS1 6EB


    0117 372 3634