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Discovery book for children (10-12 years old) to explore nature and agriculture.

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    Awareness raising, Biodiversity, Environmental education, Landscape


    This discovery book for pupils from 10 to 12 years old, was conceived by the local action group ‘Culturalité en Hesbaye brabançonne’ in partnership with eco-advisers, teachers and with the association l’Atelier Sorcier, involving six rural municipalities of the area called Hesbaye brabançonne, in Belgium. Its aim is to raise awareness of children on nature and agriculture.
    As part of this initiative, a call for projects for primary schools was also launched. Eight projects have been accepted and are implemented since September 2012. The objective is to promote biodiversity in schools, by implementing ponds, vegetable garden, flower meadows, birdhouses; and at broader scale improve and protect ecological network in the rural area.

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  • [BE] Wallonia
  • Main purpose

    Enable children and teachers to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the countryside, in a didactic way, in order to protect it. This educational book describes, season by season, the Hesbaye brabançonne territory, i.e. its landscape, its fauna and flora.
    This initiative is part of a larger project, launched in 2012 which aim is to strengthen the ecological
    network and biodiversity within the municipalities of Hebaye brabançonne, including in schools.

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    A4, 62 pages, full colour feature

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    up to €4 999


    Cordination by the LAG Culturalité en Hesbaye brabançonne

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    on the website of the LAG Culturalité en Hesbaye brabançonne

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    GAL Culturalité en Hesbaye brabançonne

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    Local Action Group

    Partner organisation(s)

    Local association l’Atelier Sorcier
    Province du Brabant wallon
    Six municipalities: Beauvechain, Hélécine, Incourt, Jodoigne, Orp-Jauche et Ramillies


    Name of contact person

    Jean-Baptiste Moussalli


    Grand'Place, 1 – 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium


    010 / 24 17 19