Promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy in the agriculture, food and forestry sectors

The priority at a glance

In all economic sectors, smart and sustainable growth is needed to manage scarce resources. Agriculture must use energy and water more efficiently (farms account for about 24% of total EU water use) while cutting its greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon. Farming and other rural sectors can supply essential raw materials for use in the bio-economy.

Areas of intervention (Focus areas)

  1. Increasing efficiency in water use by agriculture.
  2. Increasing efficiency in energy use in agriculture and food processing.
  3. Facilitating the supply and use of renewable sources of energy, by-products, wastes, residues and other non-food raw materials for the bio-economy.
  4. Reducing nitrous oxide and methane emissions from agriculture.
  5. Fostering carbon sequestration in agriculture and forestry.

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Lessons learned 2007-2013

Links to relevant ENRD work providing a deeper understanding of how to shift towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy with effective RDP programming and implementation.

  • CC Workshop on “Quality Design of Environmental and Climate Measures for 2014-2020 RDPs” was organised by the ENRD as a part of the preparatory activities for the new programming period 2014-2020. The workshop provides insight on the effective assessment of need and definition of priorities; the selection of measures, design and implementation; and the effective delivery of environmental services..
  • Climate action  provides link to screening exercise undertaken by the ENRD in 2010 to identify how the issue of climate change is being tackled in the RDPs at Member State level.
  • EU Rural Review 4: Rural Development and Climate Change (May 2010), [PDF en fr es de it pl] explains the contribution that the rural development policy brings to the EU´s climate action agenda.