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Added Value of Networking

Network Statistics and Studies

The common network statistics initiative

The common network statistics initiative was launched to provide insight into the outputs developed and quantitative output indicators used by NRNs. In April 2012 the first set of data was received from participating NRNs. It focused on four of the six key elements of networking:

  • effective stakeholder engagement through network communications,
  • exchange of relevant experience and know-how,
  • capacity building and training, and
  • support for cooperation and joint actions.

These quantitative results highlight the high levels of stakeholder engagement and development achieved by the NRNs.

  • 2013 Common Network Statistics Synthesis Report (ENRD, 2014) [PDF en]
  • 2012 Common Network Statistics Synthesis Report (ENRD, 2013) [PDF en]
  • Summary of ‘2011 Common Network Statistics Synthesis Report’ (ENRD, 2012) [PDF en]
  • 2011 Common Network Statistics Synthesis Report: An overview of the common statistics exercise (ENRD, 2012) [PDF en]

NRN mapping reports

These documents report on the NRN mapping exercise, through which country information was collected for each EU Member State. The reports explore the different types of NRN structures and seek to identify clusters of networks based on their activities or the methodologies and tools they apply.

  • Findings of the 2013 NRN mapping exercise: Final synthesis report [PDF en]
  • Findings of the 2011 NRN mapping exercise: Final synthesis report [PDF en]

In January 2014 the Contact Point conducted an NRN mapping survey aiming at gaining a better understanding of the operational set-up, the main changes planned and future role of NSUs during the 2014-20 programming period.

The following document presents the main findings of the mapping survey:

  • Findings of the 2014 NRN mapping exercise – NRNs in transition (preparation for the 2014-2020 programming period): Final report [PDF en]

Working paper on NRN programmes

The purpose of the working paper developed by the European Evaluation Network (EEN) is to support the exchange of information about evaluation, to explore the challenges in evaluating networks and to highlight the approaches used. It is based on the experience of four NRNs.

  • Working paper on the evaluation of National Rural Network programmes [PDF en]

Literature review

This review provides a synopsis on the ‘added value’ of networking as identified by academic literature. It explores topics such as how networks and networking add value, the obstacles to developing and understanding this added value and how the benefits of networking might be more effectively measured.

  • Findings of the 2013 NRN mapping exercise: Final synthesis report [PDF en]