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Added Value of Networking

AVN Stories: NRN Tasks

Added value of networking – Future network tasks

Art. 54 of the Rural Development Regulation No 1305/2013 [PDF en] for the 2014-2020 programming period, defines a set of key tasks for NRNs, namely:

  1. collection of examples of projects covering all RDP priorities;
  2. thematic and analytical exchanges between stakeholders;
  3. training and networking activities for LAGs;
  4. networking activities for advisors and innovation support services;
  5. sharing and disseminating monitoring and evaluation findings;
  6. publicity and information concerning the RDP; and
  7. participation in and contribution to the ENRD activities.

The purpose of collecting a new set of ‘Added Value of Networking Stories’ is to help NRNs prepare for the 2014-2020 programming period, through the exchange of relevant networking practices (in particular in areas where relatively limited experience has been shared to date). The AVN stories presented below are a result of the collection of new stories as well as a selection of ‘AVN stories: Networking elements’ submitted by Network Support Units during 2013 and in line with the new 2014-20 NRN tasks. To access relevant stories select the ‘activity field’ of interest.

With the aim of capturing a wider range of cross-cutting NRN activities, further stories were collected: