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Il seguente è un elenco di idee progettuali per cui i promotori dei progetti sono alla ricerca di altri partner. Le parti interessate a partecipare a un progetto di cooperazione sono pregate di esaminare attentamente l’elenco e contattare direttamente i promotori del progetto.
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#Project titleCountry of PromoterOffer DateCategory
1In search for project partners and ideas Romania03 Jun 14Agriculture, Community development, Culture, Economy, Education, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how, Products(food), Products(non-food), Tourism, Demography, social issues
2Promoting, developing and strengthening the wood energy sector on a territory France02 Apr 14Economy, Forestry
3«Youth, resources of territories» France02 Jan 14Community development, Culture, Leisure, New technologies and know-how, Demography, social issues
4Work-study training on elderly care France12 Sep 13Demography, social issues
5READING EUROPE TOGETHER France23 Jul 13Culture, Leisure
6Sustainable land management and planning : working for sustainable and well-balanced development of rural-urban areas (agricultural building) France22 Jul 13Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
7THINKING TOGETHER SOCIAL ISSUES THROUGH THEATER France01 Jul 13Culture, Demography, social issues
8TEENAGERS AND EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP France01 Jul 13Culture, Education, Demography, social issues
9ECOVILLAGES AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT Italy30 May 13Agriculture, Community development, Nature/environment/land management, Demography, social issues
10A bicycle service to promote this mode of transport France28 May 13Community development, Education, Leisure, Promotion
11Study about opportunity and structuration of a touristic offer around an offshore wind farm France24 May 13Tourism
12Cooperation project on the promotion of a local theatre France11 Dec 12Community development, Culture, Education, Leisure, Promotion
13Transnational cooperation for the promotion and conservation of polders France11 Dec 12Culture, Education, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Promotion, Tourism
14Networking of Landmark Mediterranean Mountains – Exchange of experiences and tourism development France29 Nov 12Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
16Developing Rural Tourism and Common Marketing in the Baltic Sea Area Finland12 Sep 12Culture, Economy, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Tourism
17Living Lake Islands or Living Islands, LILAIS Finland10 Sep 12Community development, Economy, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Products(non-food), Tourism
18New generations and “old technologies”: transmitting passion and knowledge France04 Sep 12Culture, Education, Leisure, Tourism, Demography, social issues
19Stimulation of innovative entrepreneurship in rural areas Latvia20 Aug 12Economy, Products(non-food)
20Los Camins Numerics – The Digital Paths : Heritage, mobility and new uses of ICT France09 Aug 12Culture, Economy, New technologies and know-how, Tourism
21DEVELOPMENT OF A LOCAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY CHAIN IN A OPENFIELD AREA France24 Jul 12Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(non-food)
22Welcome a family or a teen Sweden29 Jun 12Community development, Culture
23Project management in Europe Sweden29 Jun 12Education, Products(non-food)
24Private accommodation’s in rural areas Sweden29 Jun 12Products(non-food), Tourism
25Tourism and voluntary associations Sweden29 Jun 12Community development, Tourism
26Renewable energy and waste management Poland22 Jun 12Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
27Education and integration of children with special needs Latvia05 Jun 12Education, Demography, social issues
28Opportunity to organize and participate in International dance festivals Latvia05 Jun 12Culture
29Ulbrokas Music and Art School Latvia05 Jun 12
30Real adventure Latvia05 Jun 12Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
31Creation of active society in densely populated suburban municipalities Latvia29 May 12Community development, Demography, social issues
32YOUTH EMPLOYMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP Latvia28 May 12Community development, Economy, Demography, social issues
33Connecting regional Cultures Austria28 May 12Culture
34The festival of vocal ensembles in Europe Latvia28 May 12Culture
35Old Crafts Today Latvia28 May 12Culture
36Acoustic music of the Baltic Sea region people Latvia28 May 12Culture, Tourism
37Local regional and business development, marketing and advertising Latvia28 May 12Economy, Promotion
38LEADER 2012_European and local partnership- Change for an employment(+50, disabled people and foreigners) Czech Republic15 May 12Community development, Economy, Demography, social issues
39LEADER 2012_European and local partnership- Change for an employment (young people with drug problems and long-term unemployed people) Czech Republic15 May 12Community development, Economy, New technologies and know-how
40LEADER 2012_Management of protected Areas (without National Parks) Austria14 May 12Nature/environment/land management
41LEADER 2012_SED Solidarity Economic District Italy14 May 12Products(food), Products(non-food)
42LEADER 2012_Promoting area to potential tourists from urban areas Sweden14 May 12Community development, New technologies and know-how, Tourism
43LEADER 2012_Environmental Education (working title) Czech Republic14 May 12Education, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
44LEADER 2012_Teatro-natura Italy14 May 12Culture, Nature/environment/land management
45LEADER 2012_Mobility concepts to reduce individual transport in rural areas Austria14 May 12Community development, Nature/environment/land management
46LEADER 2012_Christian tourist road Czech Republic14 May 12Culture, Tourism
47LEADER 2012_Cuisines across the Europe (Kralovska stezska) Czech Republic14 May 12Culture, Products(food), Tourism
48LEADER 2012_Cuisines across the Europe (Luchacovske Zalesi) Czech Republic14 May 12Culture, Products(food), Tourism
49LEADER 2012_International Cooperation in Employment Project Czech Republic14 May 12Community development, Economy
50LEADER 2012_Local capacity building to promote local development strategy and increase the number of LAG potential beneficiariess Romania13 May 12Community development
51LEADER 2012_Promotion of tourism and cultural heritage linked to the « réseaux d’évasion » (escape networks) through documentaries and "documedia" France13 May 12Culture, Tourism
52LEADER 2012_ Mining Heritage France13 May 12Culture
53LEADER 2012_Associations Revive Villages- Through traditional and non traditional: let countryside look like a country side Czech Republic13 May 12Community development, Culture, Nature/environment/land management
54LEADER 2012_Development and promotion of a cultural and historical heritage linked to flax: « le lin dans tous ses états » (flax in all shapes: from the production to the touristic promotion France13 May 12Culture, New technologies and know-how, Tourism
55LEADER 2012_Youth motbilisation in the European Citizenship France13 May 12Community development, Education
56LEADER 2012_Small Free range laying hens farms. Alternative proposal for small local farms Romania13 May 12Agriculture
57LEADER 2012_Recovery of landscapes from the edge of watercourses France13 May 12Nature/environment/land management
58LEADER 2012_Create a sustainable tourism policy France11 May 12Community development, Economy, Nature/environment/land management, Promotion, Tourism
59LEADER 2012_Experiment the production and the implantation of green building materials in the renovation of old buildings France11 May 12Economy, New technologies and know-how, Products(non-food)
60LEADER 2012_European and local partnership- change for an employment (50+ and ethnic minorities) Czech Republic11 May 12Community development, Economy
61LEADER 2012_Share your experiences, on how to start a sustainable business! Estonia04 May 12Community development, Economy, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how, Demography, social issues
62LEADER 2012_Local Food Estonia04 May 12
63LEADER 2012_Peri-urban Leader Regions – between urban area and countryside Austria04 May 12New technologies and know-how
64LEADER 2012_International Structures and Regulations for Children and Family Adventure Racing France28 Apr 12Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
65LEADER 2012_Energy in livestock, agriculture and local food industry Spain25 Apr 12Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food)
66LEADER 2012_Tourism and energy Spain25 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
67LEADER 2012_International youth exchanges Czech Republic25 Apr 12Education, Demography, social issues
68LEADER 2012_Culture, cultural heritage, cooperation and education by dance. Latvia24 Apr 12Culture, Education, Demography, social issues
69LEADER 2012_Identity product of Vidzeme Latvia24 Apr 12Community development, Products(food), Products(non-food)
70LEADER 2012_ Effective use of the natural resources of the national park of Gauja Latvia24 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
71LEADER 2012_Youth initiatives in Lot Valley France23 Apr 12Education, Demography, social issues
72LEADER 2012_Common Cranes, a bond for Europe. France23 Apr 12
73LEADER 2012_Young people, ambassadors of their territory. France23 Apr 12
74LEADER 2012_Mobility and collective transport France23 Apr 12
75LEADER 2012_Live entertainments around the Cistercian cultural heritage France23 Apr 12Culture, Education
76LEADER 2012_promotion of local products & activities, connected with the image & know-how of territories France23 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Products(non-food)
77LEADER 2012_Culture / Food & Farming / Sport of open air The organization of events on culture, farming or outdoor sports. France23 Apr 12
78LEADER 2012 PAYS GOURMAND France23 Apr 12Culture, Products(food), Tourism
79LEADER 2012_Tourism - Develop an offer of tourism adapted to disabled persons France23 Apr 12Tourism, Demography, social issues
81LEADER 2012_Vocational education and training for rural development Practical experience exchange supported by LEONARDO grant Hungary23 Apr 12New technologies and know-how
82LEADER 2012_Conviviality as the central subject of sustainable development France23 Apr 12
83LEADER 2012 A garden for everyone in rural area (especially gardens in terraces, on the slope, walled gardens, allotments in or near villages) France23 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management, Demography, social issues
84LEADER 2012_Ceramics production, a heritage source of wealth France23 Apr 12
85LEADER 2012_We are specially interested on two topics : Health and Youth France23 Apr 12Community development, Demography, social issues
86LEADER 2012_Active and creative youth Estonia22 Apr 12Culture, Education
87LEADER 2012_European Network of cultural events in rural areas: opera, musical and classical music made by professionals and engaged inhabitants Germany22 Apr 12Culture
88LEADER 2012_Transnational Internet Information Platform of specific environmental, culture and historical products on the area of the Local Development Poland22 Apr 12Community development, New technologies and know-how
89LEADER 2012_Integrated vision or model processes in the village development Germany22 Apr 12Community development
90LEADER 2012_Sustainable Communities Initiative to work with local communities on raising awareness of Energy Consumption and local sources of renewable energy Ireland22 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management
91LEADER 2012_ Exchange and transfer of experience and expertise about tourism organization» France22 Apr 12Tourism
92LEADER 2012_Promotion of textile design around the stage and carnival costumes France22 Apr 12Products(non-food)
93LEADER 2012_Exchange about territorial tools and showcases to revitalize the local wood field France22 Apr 12Nature/environment/land management, Products(non-food)
94LEADER 2012_Develop a tourism identity by the touristy promotion of local products France22 Apr 12
95LEADER 2012_Co-conception of a virtual house of services to public (online virtual platform) France22 Apr 12New technologies and know-how, Demography, social issues
96LEADER 2012_Welcoming a child, is welcoming his family too France22 Apr 12Demography, social issues
97LEADER 2012_Innovative forms of local distribution networks: how can we efficiently promote local farming products among citizens France22 Apr 12Agriculture, Products(food)
99LEADER 2012_Cultural animation in rural bistro/café / pub France22 Apr 12Culture, Leisure
100LEADER 2012_The Villages of tradition Italy22 Apr 12Tourism
101LEADER 2012_Transnational network of rural solidarity, of local sustainable tourism, of multifunctionality, environmental and cultural tours: cross-border for rural identities development (Adriatic Sea – Black Sea) Italy22 Apr 12
103LEADER 2012_Green Line - Integration among tourism, natural resources and local products Italy22 Apr 12Community development, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
104LEADER 2012_First European Social Festival “ACT” Austria22 Apr 12Culture, Demography, social issues
105LEADER 2012_"LEADER ON TOUR" Austria22 Apr 12Economy, Products(non-food)
106LEADER 2012_Awareness of sustainable water use in dairy farming Belgium22 Apr 12
107LEADER 2012_Diving tourism Greece22 Apr 12Tourism
108LEADER 2012_BIOSPHERE RESERVES AND A NEW FOOD SYSTEM Spain22 Apr 12Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
110LEADER 2012_Development Cooperation rural area of Marginimea Sibiului Romania22 Apr 12Community development, Products(food), Promotion
111LEADER 2012_Local capacities development to promote traditional local products Romania22 Apr 12Products(non-food)
112LEADER 2012_Agro-tourism management capacities enhancement and local touristic facilities promotion Romania22 Apr 12Tourism
113LEADER 2012_Local traditions promotion in mountain territories in exchange with Tara Oasului. Romania22 Apr 12Culture, Promotion
114LEADER 2012_Benefit and positive effects for economy, tourism, agriculture, politic and civic by a local product – in case of Eferding: vegetables Austria22 Apr 12Agriculture, Products(food)
116LEADER 2012_Internet 4 local development Czech Republic21 Apr 12Community development, New technologies and know-how
117LEADER 2012_Developing rural sustainable tourism in natural area and natural protected area. France16 Apr 12Forestry, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
118Interdisciplinary Workshop of theater and music for young people Italy05 Apr 12Culture, Education
119Local economy and crowd funding Sweden01 Apr 12Community development, Economy
120Growing sea-buckthorn Estonia12 Mar 12Education, Nature/environment/land management
121LEADER 2012_TAKING CARE OF RURAL AREAS France12 Mar 12New technologies and know-how, Demography, social issues
122National heritage: traditional crafts, culinary heritage Lithuania02 Mar 12Culture, Products(food), Products(non-food)
123Straw skills to South Western part of Finland Finland24 Jan 12Agriculture, Education, Forestry, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
124Building of new rural museums and expositions Czech Republic24 Jan 12Community development, Culture, Education, Promotion, Tourism
125To Establish International Structures and Regulations for Children's and Family Adventure Racing France23 Jan 12Leisure, Tourism
126Game, fishing and nature tourism Finland12 Jan 12Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
127International market for regional products France09 Jan 12Products(food)
128The importance of local identity in rural area promotion Latvia01 Dec 11Community development, Education, Products(non-food), Tourism, Demography, social issues
129Old crafts in modern times Lithuania14 Nov 11Culture
130LEADERMED Italy08 Nov 11Agriculture, Community development, Culture, Education, Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
131421:Network of transnational eno-gastronomic itineraries for the promotion of the Mediterranean cultural-dietary model Italy08 Nov 11Agriculture, Culture, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
132Garment industry in local history Finland01 Nov 11Culture, Education, Products(non-food)
133The Rescue of the ruins Stara Duba Czech Republic06 Sep 11Culture, Promotion, Tourism
134Valorization of the native Maize species Italy26 Aug 11Products(food), Promotion
135Day centers for the job of the disabled persons in the field of the rurality Italy26 Aug 11
136EXPRESSION skills and youth Finland26 Aug 11Culture
137Joint Hunting Finland26 Aug 11Leisure
138R.E.D. – Excellence Network of the Rural DIstricts Italy26 Aug 11Education, Products(non-food), Tourism
139The theatrical nature Italy26 Aug 11Culture, Promotion
140“Assonanzas” Italy26 Aug 11Culture, Products(non-food), Promotion
141Marketing and promotion of rural villages in the Marche inner areas Italy26 Aug 11Tourism
142Strategy for a development of the sustainable tourism in the territory of the protected areas Italy26 Aug 11Tourism
143Theatre and music 'interdisciplinary laboratory for the young people Italy26 Aug 11Culture
144PROMOLAND: project for the experimentation of innovative promoting methodologies of the territories and products Italy26 Aug 11Promotion
145"Promotion of National Solar Equipment Solis” OPUSS Poland26 Aug 11New technologies and know-how, Promotion
146Villlage Regeneration-Borghi Rigenerati Italy26 Aug 11Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
147Delicious Healthy European and Regional Cuisine Poland26 Aug 11
148Farmers & Landscapes France26 Aug 11Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food)
149Bees and biodiversity: together to stop pollinating insects decline and protect biodiversity France26 Aug 11Agriculture
150Agro-alimentary districts of quality “ Terre Federiciane” – Supply Chain of products Italy25 Aug 11Products(food)
151Youth and rural development Italy25 Aug 11Culture, Education, New technologies and know-how
152MeDIETerranea: the Mediterranean Diet and the enhancement of tra-ditional produce Italy25 Aug 11Products(food)
153Rediscovery and valorization of the Mediterranean Rurality II Italy25 Aug 11Promotion, Tourism
154Villages of tradition Italy25 Aug 11Promotion, Tourism
155Cross-border network for rural solidarity Italy25 Aug 11Agriculture, Tourism
156Business Management Chess Academy Poland25 Aug 11Education
157On the road Italy25 Aug 11Products(non-food), Tourism
158Adding Value to Community Tourism United Kingdom25 Aug 11Community development, Tourism
159Creation of a network between areas and cultures influenced by Na-poleonic history Italy25 Aug 11Products(non-food), Promotion, Tourism
160European Country INN – ECI Italy25 Aug 11Culture, Products(non-food), Tourism
161The role of producers and consumers in local agriculture France02 Aug 11Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Promotion
162A multi-faceted heritage France02 Aug 11Culture, Tourism
163Conviviality as the central subject of sustainable development France02 Aug 11Community development, Culture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Products(non-food)
164Art project - International cooperation and exchange Sweden01 Aug 11Culture
165A naturally generous land France01 Aug 11Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Products(non-food), Tourism
166LADI – Promoting rural tourism of Lakes districts in LEADER areas Italy25 Jul 11Agriculture, Culture, Products(food), Products(non-food), Tourism
167Wood's valuation and local services development France21 Jul 11Community development, Forestry, New technologies and know-how
168Live entertainments around the Cistercian cultural heritage France30 Jun 11Culture, Tourism
169Relaxing business Italy23 Jun 11Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
170Exhibition : the cranes of the world France14 Jun 11Culture, Education, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
171Development and promotion of sustainable initiatives promoting the Szombathely path, European cultural route of “Saint Martin” France09 Jun 11Culture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
172Fly fishing Finland10 May 11Culture, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management, Promotion, Tourism
173Folklore singing Finland10 May 11Culture, Leisure
174Bees and biodiversity : Together to stop pollinating insects decline and protect biodiversity France05 May 11Nature/environment/land management
175STRIIMI - Youth & Entrepreneurship Finland27 Apr 11Community development, Education, Leisure
176Culture Calling Finland12 Apr 11Culture, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
177Strengthening links between urban and rural inhabitants France06 Apr 11Culture, Products(food), Tourism
178Horsepower Finland04 Apr 11Agriculture, Community development
179Innovation village Poland28 Mar 11
180Exchanges of practices between professionals, artists, elected people, volunteers and citizens around the artistic presence on rural territories in Europe France02 Mar 11Culture
181Traditional material for urban furnishing in rural villages Italy01 Mar 11Culture, Tourism
182European Bird-watching Network Italy01 Mar 11Nature/environment/land management
183Our River Orlice Czech Republic21 Feb 11Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
184Nature Activity Day (European year of the volunteering 2011) Netherlands21 Feb 11Nature/environment/land management
185Use of Social media as a free networking tool United Kingdom21 Feb 11New technologies and know-how, Promotion
186Innovative village Finland21 Feb 11Community development
187Hansa Trading Way Estonia21 Feb 11Tourism
188Energy efficiency and biodiversity (biomass forestry) Spain21 Feb 11Forestry, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
189Alytus district route Lithuania17 Feb 11Tourism
190Undertake differently: support for trade and for sustainable economies France17 Feb 11Economy, Products(food), Products(non-food)
191Wild Woods United Kingdom17 Feb 11Nature/environment/land management, Demography, social issues
192New approaches to sustainable upland farming United Kingdom17 Feb 11Agriculture
193Adding value to potato product Austria16 Feb 11Agriculture, Tourism
194European study tour : « Together to preserve water » France16 Feb 11Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
195European Ox-Trails Austria16 Feb 11Agriculture, Culture, Economy, Education, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food), Products(non-food), Tourism, Demography, social issues
196Castles in scenes France09 Feb 11Culture, Leisure, Tourism
197Short supply chains France03 Feb 11Agriculture, Products(food)
198Sustainable agriculture France03 Feb 11Agriculture
199Disabled tourism France03 Feb 11Tourism
200Tracks to nature France03 Feb 11Leisure, Tourism
201Burial Habits Czech Republic02 Feb 11Culture
202Folk costumes in the Elbe region Czech Republic02 Feb 11Culture, Tourism
203Summer camp 2012 – Exploring new countries from the horses’ back Slovenia02 Feb 11Leisure, Demography, social issues
204Promotion of tourism activities Slovenia02 Feb 11Promotion, Tourism
205Interpretation of whetstone craftwork heritage Slovenia02 Feb 11Culture
206Rural Tourism & Local Products Exchange Italy25 Jan 11Products(food), Tourism
207Youth mobilization France17 Jan 11Education, Demography, social issues
208Napoleon's Telegraph Line Germany05 Jan 11Tourism
209Economic and tourism promotion of historical legacy (Middle Ages) France24 Nov 10Culture, Leisure, Products(non-food), Promotion, Tourism
210Recovery, preservation and genetic improvement of green anise Italy02 Nov 10Products(food), Promotion
211Development of new accommodation activities around green ways in rural areas Italy02 Nov 10Tourism
212Local typicality and best quality for tourism Italy02 Nov 10Promotion
213To give and to have Italy02 Nov 10Culture
214Going round Parks and Garden (Parks & Garden) Italy02 Nov 10Nature/environment/land management
215Wetland, archery, game animals Finland01 Nov 10Agriculture, Education, Leisure, Tourism
216Intercambios de buenas prácticas para la valorización de recursos locales France29 Oct 10Economy, Products(food), Products(non-food), Promotion, Tourism
217Exchanges of good practices for development of local resources France29 Oct 10Products(food), Tourism
218YOUNG INVITES YOUNG Poland27 Oct 10Education, New technologies and know-how, Tourism
219Apiculture France26 Oct 10Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food)
220Sustainable development observatory France26 Oct 10Community development
221Promotion of narrow canal tourism France26 Oct 10Tourism
222Heritage and local resources promotion France15 Oct 10Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how, Products(food), Products(non-food), Promotion
223Agritourism and cultural tourism as a mean to promoting local production France15 Oct 10Agriculture, Community development, New technologies and know-how, Products(food), Products(non-food), Promotion
224European (primeval-) forest trail Austria27 Sep 10Culture, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
225Long-term management of meadow orchards due to their environmental,economic and development significance within the protected areas Slovenia27 Sep 10Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
226Preserving tradition Poland08 Sep 10Community development, Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
227Modern Tradition – Supporting Traditional Regional and Local Products Poland07 Sep 10Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
228Developing the leisure activities in villages Finland04 Sep 10Culture, Leisure, Nature/environment/land management
229Development of local resources and Eco-tourism France02 Sep 10Agriculture, Products(food), Products(non-food), Promotion, Tourism
230Central Bohemian fruit trail Czech Republic31 Aug 10Agriculture, Products(food), Promotion, Tourism
231Holy Youth! in Action Finland20 Aug 10Culture, Demography, social issues
232Pole D’Initiative bati Traditionnel et Eco-construction (PIBE)/ Initiative of traditional and Eco-construction France20 Aug 10Education, New technologies and know-how, Promotion
233Develop and value local quality products (agrifood, wood, etc.) France20 Aug 10Agriculture, Products(food), Products(non-food), Promotion
234Energise rural life (services, social links, etc.) France20 Aug 10Community development, Demography, social issues
235Develop rural tourism activity France20 Aug 10Promotion, Tourism
236Internationalisation of small businesses (Kansainvälistyvä pienyritys) Finland18 Aug 10
237Bringing village communities together through arts and events, community growing or linking villages to land-based industries United Kingdom12 Aug 10Agriculture, Community development, Culture, Education, Products(food)
238AgroTurPromo - Promoting tourism in rural areas Poland09 Aug 10Agriculture, Tourism
239Discovering Central Europe Poland09 Aug 10Promotion, Tourism
240International Education Centre for Rural Leaders Poland03 Aug 10
241Rediscovery and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Rurality Italy28 Jul 10Promotion, Tourism
242Compare the imprint of industrial and social heritage generated by porcelain industry since the 18th century France16 Jul 10Culture, Products(non-food)
243Farmer’s itineraries France16 Jul 10
244Development and networking of prehistoric and medieval sites France16 Jul 10Culture
245Music education and teaching France16 Jul 10
246Wool production: merino sheep France16 Jul 10
247Promotion of heritage and local resources France16 Jul 10
248Sustainable development France16 Jul 10Agriculture
249Restoration of dry stone walls France16 Jul 10
250Exploitation of local resources thorough promotion of short routes, tourism France16 Jul 10Tourism
251Memory on the First World War France16 Jul 10
252Development of activities for young people, training courses to become an animator France16 Jul 10Education,
253Forestry issues France16 Jul 10
254Exchanges on know-how on traditional boat building techniques France16 Jul 10New technologies and know-how
255Promotion of eco-touristic routes France16 Jul 10
256Rural landscape, spatial and land planning France16 Jul 10Nature/environment/land management
257Promotion of prehistorical heritage France16 Jul 10
258Eco-Building, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency France16 Jul 10Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
259Farmers' settlement: promotion an exchange of experiences France16 Jul 10
260Make young people become sensitive to environment issues France16 Jul 10
261Agro-tourism, especially for women France16 Jul 10
262Oenotourism (Wine tourism) France16 Jul 10
263Education for professionals, representatives and residents on eco-building France16 Jul 10Education, Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
264Creation of communication tools in order to promote Tourism; cultural heritage, traditions and society; local agricultural products France16 Jul 10Promotion, Tourism
265Artistic creation inspired from the area’s First World War heritage France16 Jul 10
266Eco mobility and accessibility to services in rural areas France16 Jul 10Community development
267Attract population with housing and services, promotion of environment France16 Jul 10Community development
268Maintain the artisanal sector in mountain France16 Jul 10Products(non-food)
269Tourism promotion and creation of touring activities linked to water France16 Jul 10
270Promotion of the natural vegetable fibres France16 Jul 10
271Calidad Rural: una etiqueta para la calidad territorial/ Rural quality: a territorial quality label Italy15 Jul 10Promotion, Tourism
272Villages of Tradition (VoT) Italy15 Jul 10Culture, Tourism
273Rural tourism and new media Italy15 Jul 10
274European Pilgrimage Routes Italy15 Jul 10Tourism
275La transumanza d'italia (transhumance) Italy15 Jul 10
276Transnational enogastronomic itineraries Italy15 Jul 10
277GREEN: Global Rural Energy Efficiency Network Portugal06 Jul 10
278Enriching village houses and life Finland05 Jul 10Community development
279Common Land, Transhumance and Pastoral grazing systems United Kingdom22 Jun 10Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management
280Youth activating project Finland09 Jun 10
281European Oral Singing Traditions-Research, preservation and revitalisation of old forms of oral singing, Ethno Music Festival Finland27 May 10Culture
282River tourism Finland19 May 10
283Forest tourism Finland19 May 10
284Young accordion players Finland19 May 10
285Iron work/ metal art Finland19 May 10
286Craft & Creative Industries Stimulus programme targeting rural entrepreneurs (micro) Ireland13 May 10Culture, Economy, Products(non-food)
287Agriculture United Kingdom27 Apr 10Agriculture
288The Village full of treasure Poland26 Apr 10
289Development of community shops/ enterprises as a way of overcoming the loss of rural services. United Kingdom26 Apr 10Economy
290Partnership within the agricultural sector United Kingdom26 Apr 10
291PROAGRITOUR II Greece20 Apr 10Products(non-food)
292World Heritage Site Community Project United Kingdom20 Apr 10
293STAR = Sea, Towns And Rivers Finland29 Mar 10
294International market for regional products Netherlands27 Mar 10
295Organising ART-activities in and around former farm-buildings Netherlands25 Mar 10
296Young Hunters Finland24 Mar 10
297Entrepreneurs (micro) local food marketing Estonia24 Mar 10Economy, Products(food), Promotion
298Entrepreneurs (wood, metal, local food) Estonia24 Mar 10Economy, Products(non-food)
299Local management LA21; Cultural heritage; Landscape management; Youth involvement; Tourism; New local school methods. Czech Republic24 Mar 10Culture, Education, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
300Farmers' exchange Finland24 Mar 10
301Support for Business Creation and Training Ireland18 Mar 10
302Enhancing environmental capacity United Kingdom19 Feb 10Nature/environment/land management
303Farming and access to land United Kingdom19 Feb 10
304Food and Cultural Tourism United Kingdom19 Feb 10
305Services and NGOs – Partnerships and solutions Finland07 Feb 10
306Cultural Tourism In The Arms Of Nature Finland07 Feb 10Culture, Tourism
307Enhancing the sustainable tourism offer through geoheritage promotion and geotrail development United Kingdom25 Jan 10Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
308Wood and agronomics resources transformation into energy France22 Jan 10
309CRAFT: Cultural Rural Attraction for Tourism Finland20 Jan 10Culture, Tourism
310Folk music and youth exchange Sweden20 Jan 10
311Youth involvement Sweden15 Jan 10Demography, social issues
312Undertake differently: to support fair trade and sustainable economics France15 Jan 10
313Local high quality food production Sweden15 Jan 10
314Black Light Theatre Finland14 Jan 10Culture,
315Ecoland Leader - Ecological, sustainable traditional and modern building Finland09 Nov 09Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
316Childrens entrepreneurship education in village schools -paneuropean network Finland09 Nov 09Economy, Education,
317Singing over the borders, singing bridge to the world Finland09 Nov 09
318Thermal water to recover and to develop tourism Poland09 Nov 09
319European Country Inn Italy09 Nov 09Promotion, Tourism
320Evaluation of the Leader-projects Finland09 Nov 09Community development
321Outdoor activities- Skiing and hiking Finland04 Nov 09
322Rural tourism based on nature and culture Finland04 Nov 09
323Development of primary forestry and agricultural products and marketing Sweden04 Nov 09Agriculture, Forestry, Promotion
324Small fruits Portugal12 Oct 09
325Capitalisation on experiences of the development of truffle production France06 Oct 09Agriculture, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food)
326European Network for the Transfer and the sustainable development of rural areas close to big cities Spain06 Oct 09Community development
327Equestrian tourism industry Spain06 Oct 09Leisure, Tourism
328Developing tourism in historical sites in rural areas Finland28 Sep 09Culture, Tourism
329Nature tourism United Kingdom14 Sep 09Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
330Surface water restoration Finland11 Sep 09
331Horse Riding Club JAZZ T Finland11 Sep 09
332FOLKLORE FESTIVAL Finland11 Sep 09
333NUOTIO - Nuorten Taitoa, Intoa ja Osaamista (Young skills, enthusiasm and knowledge) Finland11 Sep 09
334ENO - European Network of Orchestras and bands for Young Finland11 Sep 09Culture,
335Integration Net - transnational project on labour- based immigration, refugees, second generation immigrants and integration in rural areas Finland11 Sep 09Demography, social issues
336LEADER LABS LINUX - Open source/ICT Finland11 Sep 09
337Involving Young People in a LAG and its activities United Kingdom11 Sep 09Demography, social issues
338LOCANDE-Promotion of typical local products and the cultural heritage of the territory Italy11 Sep 09
339On the way to sustainable districts France07 Sep 09
340Water: an energy resource France10 Jul 09
341Awareness to environmental issues through art creation France09 Jul 09Culture, Nature/environment/land management
342European Championship Cherry Pit Spitting Netherlands07 Jul 09Agriculture, Culture, Products(food), Promotion
343Culture, art and tradition in Europe Italy19 Jun 09Culture
344European landscapes and environment Italy17 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management
345Path to Europe Finland17 Jun 09
346Caring for the Flevoland countryside - Civil participation and small landscape elements Netherlands17 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management
347Innovation of local resources for economic development (volcanic areas) France17 Jun 09
348EURENERS 2 Spain17 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management, New technologies and know-how
349Capitalise on experiences of the development of wood energy installations and diffuse the information throughout Europe France17 Jun 09Forestry, Nature/environment/land management
350Valorisation of the territorial identity France17 Jun 09
351Green belt Poland17 Jun 09
352European network for the development of territories linked to great European rivers such as the Tagus Spain17 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
353European Network for fomenting the information society among rural women Spain17 Jun 09Economy, Education, New technologies and know-how
354Organisation of local activities requiring quality and high added value France17 Jun 09
355Intercultural activity on the socio-cultural degradation in depressed rural areas: common problems and possible reactions Italy17 Jun 09Demography, social issues
356Attractiveness of rural areas for youth France17 Jun 09
357Economic diversification - women entrepreneurs in rural areas Estonia16 Jun 09Economy
358Demographic shrinkage Netherlands16 Jun 09
359Open Farms network / “ Réseau des fermes ouvertes ” France16 Jun 09
360Youth in Europe - Innovative entrepreneurship Italy16 Jun 09Demography, social issues
361DRAGON FLY. Creative dynamisation with youth Spain16 Jun 09
362Bird Routes Spain16 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
363Along Birds' Routes Hungary16 Jun 09Culture, Nature/environment/land management, Tourism
364Dynamisation of the rural world through the possibilities that present the aerodromes in our territories for their tourist use Spain16 Jun 09Tourism
365European Saddler (Leather) Network Austria16 Jun 09Culture, Products(non-food)
366How to encourage rural development activities that promote local natural resources France16 Jun 09
367Art Exhibition Exchange Finland16 Jun 09Culture
368Promotion and communication about scientific heritage linked to sea and health France16 Jun 09
369New Karate methods from foreign countries Finland11 Jun 09
370'Sky paths' International expansion of the archaeoastronomic tourism route Germany10 Jun 09Promotion, Tourism
371Exchange network for archaeoastronomic exhibitions and events Germany10 Jun 09Culture, Education, Nature/environment/land management
372Gender Equality Spain10 Jun 09Demography, social issues
373Water sustainable use France10 Jun 09
374Conservation of landscapes and agri-environmental actions in little islands Spain10 Jun 09Nature/environment/land management
375Environmental solutions for sustainable development of the local food chain France10 Jun 09Economy, Nature/environment/land management, Products(food)
376Forestry - Cretion of new economic market France10 Jun 09
377Preservation of sweet chestnuts Austria27 May 09
378Learn and discover every day something new- Old Friends Association Finland11 May 09
379Development of small scale tourism Sweden11 May 09Tourism
380Limes Romana- envisaging Europe’s history Netherlands01 May 09
381Renewal energy (bio energy) Finland11 Apr 09
382Stimulate economic growth in the local economy, focusing on the tourism sector Sweden11 Apr 09
383Village development Finland11 Apr 09