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Détails de l’offre de coopération


Promotion of narrow canal tourism
The Area wants to promote activities arround its canal and develop canal tourism The project also aims at creating a European network in the field of canal tourism development
The Pays de la Vallée de Montluçon et du Cher is located right in the centre of France and is a territory of 113,339 inhabitants and 95 communities. Our identity and our economic activities are based upon an industrial basin where innovation has been the heir of a long and well established industrial tradition since the middle of the XIX century (metallurgy industry for example) and upon an important agriculture activity (breeding of Charolais, forestry). Our territory offers a living sector dedicated to quality with many leisure and cultural activities. It offers an exceptional heritage with the forest of Tronçais (the most beautiful forest of oaks in Europe), the Cher Valley and the Canal of Berry that encourage success in developing activities. The Canal of Berry is one of our noticeab
•Development of a European Museum dedicated to small crafts and experiences in relation with inland transport : Exchanges of experiences and techniques of shipbuilding •Exchanges of experiences about projects of bicycling tourism along waterways •Development of a communication plan and mutual actions in narrow canal
LAG having projects of canal tourism (including English LAG having narrow canals on their territory)
Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Latvia
English, French

 Si cette offre vous intéresse, veuillez contacter : Pays de la Vallée de Montluçon et du Cher - YVELINE DUBILLON