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Who's Who

Implementing Authorities

National Authorities

National Ministries for Agriculture: Contact list of National authorities

Managing Authorities

Managing Authorities (MA) are designated by the Member State and it may be a public or private body in charge of the management of the rural development programmes at national or regional level.

The MAs are responsible for ensuring that:

  • projects for funding are selected in accordance to the criteria applicable to the rural development programmes;
  • beneficiaries are aware of the obligations resulting from receiving the financial support;
  • an adequate monitoring system to record information of the rural development programmes’ implementation is in place;
  • the programme evaluations are undertaken according to the rules;
  • the Paying agency receives the necessary information to authorise payments

Furthermore the MAs lead the Monitoring Committee. To view a list of managing authorities per country, click here.

Paying agencies

Paying agencies are the departments or bodies of the Member States who, in respect of those payments made by them, provide sufficient guarantees that:

  • the eligibility of requests and the procedure for allocating aid, as well as their compliance with Community rules, are checked before payment is authorised;
  • accurate and exhaustive accounts are kept of the payments made;
  • ensure that checks laid down by Community legislation are made;
  • and that documents are presented within the stipulated time-limits and form, etc.

To view a list of Paying Agencies per country, click here.