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Contact Point


A Contact Point has been put in place in order to provide the European Commission (Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development) with technical assistance in the framework of the European Network for Rural Development.

Activities being developed are the following:

  • Support to and secretariat of the Coordination committee, the LEADER subcommittee, the Thematic
    Working Groups, expert meetings;
  • Support for Transnational cooperation for LEADER (among which publication of guides, development of data
    bases, etc.);
  • Information exchange and coordination with National Rural Networks (NRNs);
  • Promotion and representation (participation in events, seminars and other promotional initiatives);
  • Information line (responding to requests for information and receiving visitors);
  • Support for analysis/summary of programmes and monitoring indicators;
  • Collection, collation and dissemination of project relevant experiences;
  • Development of the European Network for Rural Development Website;
  • Preparation of seminars and conferences;
  • Publication of a rural development periodical, an electronic newsletter, project relevant experience and Thematic publications.

Relevant Information